November 24, 2009


Holder has some nerve.  From Marc Thiessen:

Only after KSM had been exhausted as an intelligence source did President Bush transfer him and 13 other terrorists to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for trial by military commission. Once the legal obstacles had been cleared in 2008, the commissions finally got underway. And when they did, KSM and his co-conspirators all offered to plead guilty before a military commission and proceed straight to execution.

With his decision to send them to civilian court, Holder has effectively rejected KSM's guilty plea and told him, "No, Mr. Mohammed, first let us give you that stage you wanted in New York to rally jihadists, spread propaganda, and incite new attacks." Indeed, a lawyer for one of the detainees has said that all five intend to plead not guilty "so they can have a trial and try to get their message out." Were it not for Holder, they'd be on death row instead of preparing for a trial that will take years and make the O.J. Simpson case look like a traffic court hearing. And Holder chastises President Bush for delaying justice for 9/11 families?

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1 I wonder if accepting his guilty plea and setting him up for execution would have been giving him and his ilk exactly what they wanted in making him a martyr. Seems to me there are downsides to each decision. I'm not excusing Holder, Obama, or any of the rest of them. I just don't see any choices that are completely acceptable. 

Posted by: HomefrontSix at November 24, 2009 03:03 PM (umhCJ)

2 I agree that KSM wants martyrdom and that execution would give him what he wants. But giving him a stage in New York is also giving him what he wants. What are the alternatives? Detaining him for life at taxpayer expense? The jihadists could still use him for propaganda. So yes, "there are downsides to each decision." The enemy can exploit any outcome. Which of the worst outcomes is the best for us?

Posted by: Amritas at November 24, 2009 03:20 PM (+nV09)

3 "And Holder chastises President Bush for delaying justice for 9/11 families?"

A-fucking-MEN!!!! to that statement. I seriously think L. Graham was on to something when he exposed that Holder and Obama are trying to criminalize the war. KSM can now plead not guilty by reason of insanity and Holder/Obama have the audacity to proclaim the outcome of the trial. Since when did we become Iran or the Soviet Union. I didn't know civilian court cases w/ due process had pre-determined verdicts. Gollygee wilickers!!!!

Posted by: BigD78 at November 25, 2009 09:55 AM (FFrzN)

4 BigD78, you've figured out the plan!

Since when did we become Iran or the Soviet Union.

We became the USSA on November 4, 2008.

I didn't know civilian court cases w/ due process had pre-determined verdicts.

Due process is so old school. Now we have duh process. Where is Omerica's Andrei Vyshinsky?

In 1935 he became Prosecutor General of the USSR, the legal mastermind of Joseph Stalin's Great Purge. He is widely cited for the principle that "confession of the accused is the queen of evidence". His monograph that justifies this postulate, Theory of Judicial Proofs in Soviet Justice, was awarded the Stalin Prize in 1947. He was the prosecutor at the Moscow Trials of the Great Purge, lashing its defenseless victims with vituperative, sometimes cruelly witty rhetoric:

"Shoot these rabid dogs. Death to this gang who hide their ferocious teeth, their eagle claws, from the people! Down with that vulture Trotsky, from whose mouth a bloody venom drips, putrefying the great ideals of Marxism!... Down with these abject animals! Let's put an end once and for all to these miserable hybrids of foxes and pigs, these stinking corpses! Let's exterminate the mad dogs of capitalism, who want to tear to pieces the flower of our new Soviet nation! Let's push the bestial hatred they bear our leaders back down their own throats!"

Of course, the Omerican Vyshinsky would never speak of KSM in such terms. No, he would reserve his full verbal force for the truly deserving.

Posted by: kevin at November 25, 2009 07:41 PM (ogTuw)

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