May 14, 2012


This bit almost made me do a fist pump:

So it is necessary for more of us to do what Ayaan Hirsi Ali recommends: share the risk. So that the next time a novel or a cartoon provokes a fatwa, it will be republished worldwide and send the Islamic enforcers a message: Killing one of us won’t do it. You’d better have a great credit line at the Bank of Jihad because you’ll have to kill us all.

I love Mark Steyn.

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May 06, 2012


You know, it never gets any less baffling.  Whether it's May 2007 or May 2012, it still baffles me when I time everything absolutely right and yet we still don't end up pregnant.  Again.  Four months in a row.  It still surprises me.  It still messes with my head.  It still takes me all seven days before I actually admit that last month was a bust and we have to start over.  Again.  

And I still hate my high school health teacher and everyone else who ever warned me I might accidentally get pregnant.

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