September 26, 2010


Reading this new Mark Steyn makes me really miss being in the loop...
Mollifying Muslims and Muslifying Mollies

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September 16, 2010


Evidence that our priorities are completely out of whack...

In the USAA Magazine this month, my husband noticed a section on buying a car.  It was adding two cents to common buyer claims.  And to the claim "I just need something to get me from here to there," this financial advisor said, "Really? Can you truly be happy with no frills [...] Deep down, you don't want your car to reveal that you're on a tight budget."

And that, dear readers, is part of the reason America is going to hell in a handbasket.  Because financial advisors tell us to pretend that we're all ballers.  Don't buy a cheap car you can afford; people might think you're living within your means!

Terrible advice.

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September 03, 2010


Just this morning, I thought of something I wanted to blog.  I told my husband, "Shoot, if I keep blogging, this is exactly what I'd say..."

I have been looking into educational books for my kiddo and I was intrigued by the "Who Was" series.  They are way above her level for now, but I was investigating them to see if they have a PC agenda or if they're good biographies for her to read someday.  And I noticed something funny about the list of books.  Here are some of the people they cover:

Albert Einstein
Queen Elizabeth
Mark Twain
George Washington
Leonardo da Vinci
Neil Armstrong
Hellen Keller
Barack Obama

One of these things is not like the other.

What on earth is in the Barack Obama book?  I mean does he possibly stack up to Edison and da Vinci?  The only presidents in this series are Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan, and...Obama?  Wow, that's some prestigious company he keeps.  Especially since there is no benefit of hindsight whatsoever.  The book was published before he'd even finished his first year as president!

I'd really love to know what's in the Obama book.  Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in Indonesia and Hawaii and then went to law school and then was a community organizer and then a senator and then president.

The only thing the man has done is get elected.  And triple the already-too-awful national debt.

And somehow that stacks up to Mozart and Helen Keller.

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September 02, 2010


Yesterday was my baby's six month birthday.

Motherhood has, in many ways, been exactly what I expected.  It's tiring, it's grueling, and it's repetitive.  It takes up every minute of your day and every thought in your head.  Much of my free time is unfortunately devoted to researching problems: annoyingly short naps, night waking, nursing strikes, etc.  Other moments are spent researching more fun things, like baby food recipes and age-appropriate toys.  But thankfully, at six months, there is indeed free time.  I do get about four or five hours to myself every day.

I just have to prioritize those hours.

Half that time is spent with my husband in the evening.  I still get to knit and wind down before bedtime, which these days is 9:30.  The other half is during the day, and it gets split between research, housework, and relaxing.

And while blogging used to be one of my favorite hobbies, it's just not at the top of my priority list anymore.  I barely make time to follow the news, much less form an opinion on it.

It should come as no shock to you -- seeing as I have written only 30 posts in the past six months -- that this blog is winding to a close.  And the thing is, I hate when blogs peter out.  I never know if I should keep checking in on Rachel Lucas or if she's done.  I hate that.

So I was all ready to write this post last night and close up shop...and I checked my email first.  And there was an email from a lurker who said she misses me...

And I took pause.

The only thing keeping me here anymore is all of you.  All the people I've met and the sharing of ideas I've made a tiny contribution to over the years.  I hate to not share anymore.

It's quite painful for me to quit.

Even moreso after I went back and read this post and its comments.

I was very ready to hang up my hat yesterday.  At peace with it even.  But now that it comes time to do it, I can't quite bring myself to it.

But I also hate to leave this blog hanging too...

I have to sleep on it.

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