August 19, 2004


Thus, I expect to see Germans, the French, Spaniards, the Dems and others dancing on the streets and boulevards as soon Europe is liberated from those unwelcome foreigners.

Keep dreaming, Nelson. I have heard so much whining lately about the poor German economy that it's not even funny. They hate us to death, but they sure don't want us to leave. Oh, poor Kitzingen, where one in three inhabitants is American. Their poor gasthauses will have to close. Cry me a river.

I saw a military commercial tonight that basically said "don't start packing just yet", but I'm ready.
Send me to Texas.

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1 Off Topic, but go look at the 8/18 "Nation" section of the Wash. Times, and their take on Kerry's visit to the VFW convention. Also see the same date and Thursday's WT for excerpts from the "Unfit" book. I'm convinced. Also, Sarah, BE SURE and get everybody there registered and lined up with absentee ballots!! See the base's Voting Assistance Officer. We need to not let him win! Jim

Posted by: Jim Shawley at August 19, 2004 04:28 PM (CnYsu)

2 Maybe Maryland, it's kinda nice. If you're really unlucky it'll be the NTC. Having lived nearby, well, it's spaghetti western desert out that way. Kalroy

Posted by: Kalroy at August 19, 2004 06:38 PM (q1aeu)

3 Yay! Come to Texas! I already know a few people who have moved here for similar reasons. Most people think we're crazy, but we like to think that we're the only sane people left in the world. While I admit that we're not without our problems, coming home from Chicago or anywhere else is always a truly wonderful thing (as long as the air conditioner's working).

Posted by: Jeremiah at August 19, 2004 09:10 PM (0FAew)

4 Blech, you don't want to come to Hood. I miss Germany, I wish they were not changing stuff, I would love to go back, but with less than 5 years left, I doubt it would happen anyways.

Posted by: Jen at August 20, 2004 01:41 AM (n8GLX)

5 Actually, we *do* want to go to Hood. In fact, we tried to trade our Germany for someone else's Hood, but since we didn't have a pinpoint assignment until a week before we left, we couldn't. Where you live is all "state of mind", and I'd rather be in the dumpiest, most run-down post in the US than on the nicest one in Europe.

Posted by: Sarah at August 20, 2004 01:47 AM (nQmE2)

6 Here's the URL to paste for the comment on Kerry's speech to VFW

Posted by: Oda Mae at August 20, 2004 02:08 AM (JJnLz)

7 The only connection I have to the military is my brother, who's in the Navy, so I can't tell you much about Hood (although I have been to Gitmo...heh) from the inside, but I can tell you that it *is* comparatively isolated. Austin, one of the best cities in America, is only a short (for Texas) drive away, though. Waco's close, too, and it's not so bad aside from select wackos who are attracted to its anonymity (it's no Austin, though).

Posted by: Jeremiah at August 20, 2004 09:46 AM (0FAew)

8 Ms Sarah: We would welcome your and your valiant husband with open arms here in Texas... and don't forget... EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas!

Posted by: Madfish Willie at August 20, 2004 10:03 AM (f4tF1)

9 Sarah, you are welcome to come to my house on the coast to rest up. I just got back from a month in Australia, I was so homesick for Texas accents, live oaks, and real newspapers, (theirs are all tabloids).

Posted by: Ruth H at August 20, 2004 01:14 PM (Zpif2)

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