February 01, 2012


"So, is she your only child?"

It's a perfectly normal question.  I myself ask it frequently of other moms, just to get a feel for their situation.  No one means anything by it.

But I hate that question so very much.

We started a new playgroup with 12 other families.  I got asked that question 12 times.  I wanted to cry by the end.  And another family was so happy because they had just had a new baby boy the week before...

...and he was named the boy name we have chosen.

Again, not fun to suffer through with a smile.

I am finally un-pregnant and so tomorrow I start doing the next round of bloodwork to look for additional problems.  I have no idea how long it will take to get the results.

This weekend will mark five years since we started trying to build our family. I cannot wrap my brain around that at all.

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1 That can't have been an easy gauntlet to run.

I hope the bloodwork results return quickly and with solid, usable information. You'll be in my thoughts.

Posted by: To the Nth at February 02, 2012 09:02 AM (z4WHR)

2 So we have been meeting a plethora of new church and overseas friends to the tune of 'married 11 years and no kids?' 'what do you mean you can't HAVE kids? Adoption? [is easy??] and my second favorite right now: we are sorry to tell you that Clomid and all fertility type treatments in Germany will be off post, and completely at your expense. /sigh. I'm very glad we have a small something to commiserate over.

Posted by: Darla at February 03, 2012 02:06 AM (DTM08)

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