October 27, 2008


These are the times that try men's souls.

I have been off the internet for a couple of days, but so much has come out. This Syria thing is huge, and a plot to assassinate Obama. And this 2001 tape of Obama that's out? Whittle says it all:

We have, in our storied history, elected Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives and moderates. We have fought, and will continue to fight, pitched battles about how best to govern this nation. But we have never, ever in our 232-year history, elected a president who so completely and openly opposed the idea of limited government, the absolute cornerstone of makes the United States of America unique and exceptional.

If this does not frighten you — regardless of your political affiliation — then you deserve what this man will deliver with both houses of Congress, a filibuster-proof Senate, and, to quote Senator Obama again, “a righteous wind at our backs.”

And Dean Barnett died, which makes me sad. I liked him.

My soul is tried these days.

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1 Mine too.

Posted by: HomefrontSix at October 27, 2008 02:55 PM (4Es1w)

2 And I quote, "these are the times that try men's souls." I hope and pray our country comes out as well from these trying times as it has in the past.

Posted by: Ruth H at October 27, 2008 05:45 PM (FAgoX)

3 What about FDR? And yes, I am not frightened of Obama at all, I welcome his Presidency. Now, for fun, write down your five top predictions of the horrors that I will "deserve." If Obama wins, we'll come back if 3 or 4 years to see how you've done.

Posted by: PensiveGadfly at October 28, 2008 06:09 AM (6VhMY)

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