July 29, 2011


Just an update.  The second round of meds worked, and I immediately felt better.  Not morning sick anymore.  Still a little sore, but glad to be moving on now.

Now just stressed out that we're moving 1000 miles in two weeks.

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1 I'm glad you are physically feeling better, I know it's still rough. Regarding the move, I'm sure you have lots of access to advice for a military move, I have a few suggestions as a veteran of 8 of them, including one whole shipment that they lost. Take pictures of everything, put up in a private Flickr acct, on several smart sticks, but have a picture inventory. If a box, or, as in our case, the whole shipment is lost, you have to identify every item lost. Much easier if you have the info, this includes model and serial numbers for the higher priced stuff. I tried to have 1 adult per packer writing or taking pix of what went into each box. My good friend had a bag of garbage carefully boxed, and had her very expensive curtains used to wrap a fish tank. We avoided that, but had damage to wood tables, bed headboard, bookcases, and in one case the whole bookcase disappeared. In some cases they tried to argue that the damage had been there before the move, with pictures, you can prove otherwise. Adult supervision can help with the stupid stuff, and the recording. Next, toddlers and young children can get very upset as their toys are packed and taken to the truck. Finding a good friend or relative that can take your daughter while all the upheaval is going on is something I highly recommend. You have so many talents for coping, they WILL help you get through this. Take very good care of you and yours.

Posted by: HChambers at July 30, 2011 03:17 PM (VaG1x)

2 I'm glad the experience has come to a conclusion so you can be feeling better and moving forward. That little girl of yours will be a fantastic mover!

Posted by: Darla at August 02, 2011 02:52 PM (d/msI)

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