March 05, 2005


If you live anywhere near New York City, DC, Los Angeles or San Francisco, please go see Gunner Palace. I need you to make it a hit so that it can come here to AAFES so I can see it. Either that or I have to track down Michael Tucker and make him give me a personal screening!

Read the story of the birth of this movie. Incredible...


Please read Tim's words here in the comment section. And read the whole story at Mudville.

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1 Sarah - I wonder if you will kindly post a special posting citing any of your readers who were faithful readers of the CPT Patti website. You see...this is an answer to prayer. At this link I asked CPT Patti readers to pray that Mike would get his film picked up by a distributor. I received many comments from folks who said they would. Now, it seems He has listened. Me...I believe in answered prayer. Now I want other readers to have this proof as well. We asked. God delivered. May a lot of Americans who need to see this film. Thanks. the way...CPT Patti and I are still clinging tight to one another...and thanking God for our reunion. Still. I pray that you will have the same sort of experience very soon.

Posted by: Tim at March 05, 2005 09:23 PM (B/F5l)

2 Sarah, You'll be happy to know that the US Military Veterans of Columbia University, a student group composed entirely of US military veterans (duh), is now organizing a GROUP trip to watch Gunner Palace in NYC. And yes, the recommendation to see this movie was made to our Acting President by yours truly. FYI, for those of you who stereotype us Columbia students, USMilVetsCU's Acting President is a former Army Ranger who fought in Afghanistan during 2001-2002. Eric

Posted by: Eric at March 05, 2005 11:01 PM (/To5C)

3 I'm so happy to see the comment from Tim! Thrilled to hear he and Patti are doing so well. I thought of him the moment I heard this movie was ready for release. I remember his request for prayer, posted it at my place and gave thanks for the answer so quickly, so clearly. I can't wait to see this film. I only hope it shows in Orlando or Tampa. I WILL make the drive.

Posted by: Tammi at March 06, 2005 08:21 AM (HaRi0)

4 Sarah, I have just happened upon your blog, coming from Blackfive and Mudville Gazette, and I have to compliment you and your writing. I am an Army ROTC student with the Hoya Battalion of Georgetown University, and I wrote up my thoughts on Gunner Palace, after seeing it earlier this week. This is an amazing film; and of course you have to see it -- I'm sure a screening video could be sent to you, the PR people for GP have been awesome, not just with Greyhawk and Blackfive, etc, but even with a lil' ole blogger like me.

Posted by: Andrew Watkins at March 06, 2005 09:24 AM (IW8Zk)

5 If you haven't read Andrew's review of the movie go read it now.

Posted by: Toni at March 06, 2005 09:29 AM (q/Gzd)

6 I desperately want to see this movie. I live in west Texas and the movie is not showing anywhere near here. I wish that the handling of it had been done differently so that those of us with love one's serving could see it.. I don't think it's fair. How did that stupid fat white man, Micheal Moore get his movie full of lies shown all over the place and Gunner Palace is only shown in a few places? I can't wait to see it....God Bless The Men & Women of the US Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, National Guard, Reserve,God Bless them All...

Posted by: 1AD Army Mom at March 06, 2005 02:22 PM (lZ8lX)

7 I was lucky enough to get to see this movie at it's first previewing for the Stryker Brigades/families, as well as see Michael Tucker and one of the soldiers from the film answer questions. Excellent movie. I regret not thanking him in person for making an such an honest film about our soldiers.

Posted by: Julie Anna at March 06, 2005 09:04 PM (p9k2f)

8 I had the privilege of seeing the premier of Gunner Palace this past weekend at the Angelica Theater in New York City. This is one of the most truthful documentaries of the war on Iraq! As an American who has a brother, Captain Jon Powers, that served 14 months in Iraq, I can attest that every day I looked for an email, or waited for a phone call. Everyday I watched CNN or Fox News to see if anything bad, or good, had happened in his sector of Baghdad. I watched my mother and father cry out of joy when my brother returned home, safe and sound. I also read the paper when attackers killed 150 Iraqi soldiers, men who are trying to work to stabilize their own country so that they may have it back, and it wasn’t even worth front-page news. Bring this war back to the front pages, where it belongs. According to him, and his friends who served in Iraq, this movie hits the nail on the head as far as the American Soldier’s opinion and feelings about this conflict. That is according to a soldier, not according to a critic, or according to a journalist. It is important for American’s to see this movie. Some argue that the movie contradicts what they see on CNN or Fox News, well perhaps that’s because this war is slowly becoming second page news. Things aren’t fine and dandy in Iraq, the war isn’t over like people seem to believe. People are still dying in Iraq, we’re already over 1,500 US service men and women who gave their lives for freedom, freedom not only in the US, but freedom in Iraq. These soldiers who are risking their lives every day deserve a chance to exercise their freedom of speech. Every American, whether you are for or against the war, owes this to these soldiers. It’s because of these soldiers that we can so freely argue our own opinions on matters like war, politics, religion, or anything else for that matter. It’s because of these troops that we can say if we like or dislike a political figure and not have our hands chopped off, or mysteriously disappear. The director doesn’t have a political agenda here. People may watch this and say, “Oh it’s anti-war.” I frankly don’t see how you can go to war and come out thinking it’s a good thing. People are dying! How is that good? It doesn’t mean that it isn’t necessary in some cases. If this movie if pro or anti anything, it is Pro-Soldier, and Anti-Silence. It’s anti-silence meaning that the talk of this war is becoming silence. It’s slowly slipping into 7th page news, behind Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart and Social Security. Some people may be tired of talking about the war, well guess what, these soldier’s are probably tired of dying in that war, and tired of watching their friends die. The families of soldiers are tired of waiting for weekly emails or phone calls so that they know their husband, brother, mother, sister, son or daughter are still alive! Don’t watch this movie because you’re for or against this war, watch it because the war is till important to our nation! Most American’s don’t have a direct connection to the war, not every person on your block has a family member in the service like in the past wars (The World Wars, Korean Conflict, Vietnam). This movie gives every American that connection. It puts names and people to the numbers you hear on the news.

Posted by: Patrick Powers at March 07, 2005 04:54 PM (jNC27)

9 Sarah, Thank you for posting the information on Gunner Palace. The Director, Michael Tucker, is my younger brother. We are very proud of the work that Mike has done to promote this movie and to reach out to the soliders and their families. As Mike's sister, I can't tell what it means to see the blogger community stand by Mike and this amazing film. Thank you. I hope you get to see the film. Carolyn

Posted by: Carolyn at March 09, 2005 03:26 AM (ahug0)

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