August 26, 2007


A man affectionately called "Grandpa Rambo" is deploying to Iraq. He's been trying to get there for two years. His wife's reaction is so cute; it reminds me of that old couple on the airplane:

HorneÂ’s wife Sydney West, also a public defender, said he gave her no advance notice of his decision to re-enlist, and she wasnÂ’t surprised that he opted for a combat job over anything else, including putting his legal background to use.

“I wouldn’t think he’d want to go over there to write wills,” she told the newspaper. “If he gets back alive, I’m going to kill him.”

But here's how this feel-good article ended:

As for those who might call him irresponsible for heading off to combat with two children at home, Horne said: “I can’t think of a better example to set for them.”

Good for Grandpa Rambo for answering that question the only way you can. Irresponsible? About half of people in Iraq and Afghanistan right now have children. Are we really suggesting that everyone in the armed forces is irresponsible for putting their country before their children? We wouldn't have an Army if that were the case.

Can we please stop hiding anti-military sentiment behind nonsense phrases like "As for those who might call him" (blank)? You call him that, weinery reporter, or give a full quote where he addresses the topic. Stop hiding your bias behind phrases like "some people think."

(Thanks to Conservative Grapevine for the link.)

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1 ack! my ex's main problem with my husband (so he claims) is that my husband "abandoned his daughter" by joining the army. but i guess that's what you'd expect from a yellow bellied draft dodging malcontented hippie (not that i'm biased). teaching your children about honor, courage and duty is more important than being at every baseball game. this is a hard life, i miss him, i worry about him, our kids miss him and the older ones worry, too. it's not that the country is more important than the children. the country is important BECAUSE of the children, and that is why my husband enlisted. irresponsible. ha! i bet that reporter is a yellow bellied draft dodger too.

Posted by: Sis B at August 26, 2007 08:31 AM (6qNPu)

2 Doing Our Part in a Time of War That's a column I wrote for my school paper during my last semester at CU, describing my struggle with the same question. I'd go back Reserves, too. The difference is that I'm younger and single, I was an MI troop - not a snake-eater or shooter - and I'd like to go back in as a Civil Affairs specialist. Like "Grandpa Rambo", though, that means I'd have to re-enlist rather than seek a commission.

Posted by: Eric at August 26, 2007 09:00 PM (q9wmr)

3 "You call him that, weinery reporter, or give a full quote where he addresses the topic. Stop hiding your bias behind phrases like "some people think." You nailed it Sarah!

Posted by: tim at August 27, 2007 06:17 AM (nno0f)

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