March 26, 2008


Last night I went to my first political rally, to support Fred Smith for governor. I met him last fall when I was invited with other bloggers to his home. And since our state primary is approaching in about five weeks (lordy loo, we still haven't gotten anywhere near voting here), Fred Smith is out and about, again with his good friend Lee Greenwood.

Now, all I really needed to know about this candidate is that Lorie Byrd is working for him. That's pretty much a good enough endorsement for me, and I probably would've voted for him just based on that knowledge. But I really like Fred Smith's stuff, and I hope he makes it all the way to the top. Most of my friends are internet-based, but if any of you reading this live and vote in the same state as I do, please consider reading about Fred Smith and voting for him in May.

So I got all pumped up on patriotism again last night, my drug of choice. Of course Lee Greenwood sang "God Bless the USA" again, which brings the house down. And I can't get enough of the song he wrote for Fred Smith's campaign:

But honestly, the thing that touched me the most last night was something so small, so unnoticed. The stage in the auditorium had two flags on it, the US flag and the state flag. And before the rally got started, I noticed some men from Fred Smith's staff fussing around the US flag. They left and came back with a cinder block and lifted the flag stand up onto the block. A lady sitting behind me asked her husband why they were bothering with that silly brick.

The American flag was bigger than the state flag and was too big for its stand. It was dragging on the ground, and these men had set to work getting that flag off the floor.

My heart grew three sizes.

That's a heck of a campaign staff. No Che flags in this bunch.

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1 I've known Fred for several years, having lived in his county, seen him working as part of the local government, worked within the community he built where he made his fortune, and interacted with him and his wife on numerous occasions. He wouldn't know me from our interactions, but I have seen 3 different sides to the man, two of which I did not like at all. When there are people of "importance" around, he lights up and is friendly. When he is with people who "don't matter", he is stonewalled and rude. The matter in which he acquired the property that he built his fortune on was rather dubious, and only those of us within the local real estate community know much about how it happened. Regardless of any party affiliation, I would not vote for him. To me, he is the epitome of a power/money seeking politician who will take every advantage of the little guy for his own benefit. I know this is harsh, and I apologize for saying such bad things about a man that you like (at whose home you had dinner, for cryin out loud!)I just know that he is not as he appears. I am very glad that he made them fix the flag, though. I'm always apalled when poeple don't treat it right.

Posted by: Sis B at March 26, 2008 05:32 AM (0ZS+T)

2 Sis B -- I appreciate your thoughts and the polite way in which you presented them. And I mean no disrespect when I say that the fact that you like Obama and don't think the Rev Wright thing is a big deal, I think that means we're not going to see eye to eye on the character of men for whom we're voting. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't still share ideas. As always, I enjoy you as a reader and commenter.

Posted by: Sarah at March 27, 2008 02:47 AM (TWet1)

3 I'm a member of the Arizona Patriot Guard Riders. Before every mission we form a circle, join hands, and we sing "God bless the USA" along with the Lee Greenwood CD. We remember why we're there. Sometimes the family members join us. It's quite an honor when they do.

Posted by: Maggie45 at March 29, 2008 06:18 PM (jV8G1)

4 Contrast that to the American flag outside our county health office. (You know, the place to get tested for AIDS?) Its free edge is at least an inch tattered. The other day, it was up about 70% of the way; I couldn't tell if it was at half-mast or if someone had just gotten really sick.

Posted by: BlueNight at March 30, 2008 09:49 AM (H/VQ2)

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