September 27, 2008


It didn't go as well as I'd hoped.

The first thing that Obama said made me want to throw something at the TV. I cannot stand it when people say that we are fighting two wars. We absolutely are not; we are fighting one war on two fronts. That is a pet peeve of mine that makes me want to tear my hair out when I hear it.

And I didn't fare much better throughout the rest of the debate.

Part of it was this:

Repetition may bore political junkies, but it helps candidates connect with casual voters--as do memorable (if corny) anecdotes.

I didn't learn anything new during the debate, and I thought often I came up with a better argument than McCain did. Though my arguments were decidedly less PC and probably couldn't be repeated on TV without redacting several swear words.

I thought Obama looked better, and since I have no faith in the competence of American voters, I fully expect them to vote for who looks better, so I am disappointed in the debate.

But I did enjoy Obama's closing remarks about how his Kenyan father wouldn't dream of setting foot in 2008 America and would've rather emigrated to France or somewhere less unilateral. That plays real well, so keep that up please, Obama.

But other people around teh internets aren't as pessimistic as I am, so maybe it wasn't that bad.


Read what Varifrank says about RISK.

Also, I love this paragraph of his that he wrote before the debate:

I dont care if McCain walks out begins to channel the ghost of Jim Morrison, drops his pants and takes a big whizz on stage shouts "I AM THE LIZARD KING!!!,because even if he did do that, I'm still voting for him. Quite frankly, if he does do that, I will probably send his campaign money. If he also turns around smacks Jim Lerher to the ground and calls him "a commie punk", I'll fly to Manahttan and wear a "MCCAIN FOR PRESIDENT" sandwich board in Times Square and ring a bell and hand out campaign literature to the New Yorkers like those "end is nigh" folks.

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1 I am glad I have smart friends who keep me informed, really, lol! Anyway, I was watching an after debate group (forget what they were really called) from Nevada . . . 27 undecided voters who were asked what surprised them about the debate the most and I kid you not the first lady who was asked said, "How old McCain looked."

Posted by: Heidi at September 27, 2008 04:41 AM (idveF)

2 Ugh. Obama really pissed me off when he started complaining about why we went to war in Iraq to begin with. At this point, however you feel about that, we're there. So unless his idea of change is building a time machine, he's going to have to deal with it. And then he said that he was going to bring troops in Iraq home to their families but send more to Afghanistan? Um, where are we getting the extra troops from if you're sending everyone home? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Posted by: Ann M. at September 29, 2008 03:10 PM (HFUBt)

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