December 30, 2004


My mother recently found out more information about the stabbing of the couple from my high school. The airman who killed both of them will face the death penalty.

The rumor around Peoria is that this airman tried to kiss Jamie at a party and she rebuffed him. So he killed them both. Obviously I was not there and do not know the actual details of what happened that night. However, if this rumor is indeed true, then this is one of the most frightening things I can imagine. If this is true, then Jamie did nothing wrong. Any wife could find herself in Jamie's situation, which is what makes this extra tragic in my eyes. If Jamie had been messing around or doing something foolish, then her death might make more sense, but she presumably had done nothing wrong. She turned down a guy who wasn't her husband, and they both died for it. I can't even begin to make sense of that. It worries me when I think about actions and consequences: getting into drugs, cheating, or hanging out with seedy friends are actions that inherently imply consequences; being loyal to your husband is not. I just can't get my mind around that one.

If the events really did happen the way the streets of Peoria say they did, then Andrew Witt should die.

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1 You may be interested in the book The Gift Of Fear by Gavin De Becker. He runs a private protection as well as post sexual assualt counselling business, and has been on Oprah a few times. The book de-mysitifies intuition, talking about how you should pay attention to the "funny feeling" you get from certain people, that often it's when you recognize something is wrong (like, why a man did not get out of the elevator) but at the time you don't consciously notice, just unconsciously. It is a good book about just being prepared for anything and helps with the difference between being prepared and worrying.

Posted by: PlutosDad at December 30, 2004 01:04 PM (NRDlq)

2 This happened on my old base. The base I still work with and travel to as a defense contractor. Witt was in my old unit although I do not know him. There have also been (according to my friends still there) at least 5 suicides in the last year. It is quite sad to know the people you care about are killing themselves and others are being killed for no reason at all.

Posted by: Silk at December 30, 2004 09:18 PM (XNMB6)

3 I knew Andrew Witt and both Andy and Jamie. Yes, he did try and kiss her and yes, she did push him away. This happened in July, it's now January and to me, it still feels like it happened yesterday. Andrew was like my brother and was my boyfriend's roommate. It could have just as easily been me and my boyfriend. Thank God we were out of town during this instance because we would have been with them that night...and probably not here today. Andy and Jamie's death have been the hardest thing for me to deal with. They were the nicest people and two of my best friends. I miss them terribly and look forward to seeing them in heaven. Andrew's trial will probably be in April, and if his sentence is followed through-he'll be the first in Air Force history to be executed. Even though he was my friend, I hope he gets the death penalty...but has to wait forever for it. He wants to die and wants the death penalty-I think he should suffer for it.

Posted by: Lara M. at January 27, 2005 12:24 PM (yw4/O)

4 I personally know Andrew,and the law states innocent until proven guilty. Andrew had never been in any trouble in his life. Lets all wait and let the truth come out, and not be so quick to judge. Any of these three could have been one of your children, Andrew doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and i ask myself everyday, what would have made this happan? I'm putting all my faith in the a higher being, and hope the truth will come out, and we'll all know just exactly what happaned that night, not presumably, not what someone else heard...what really happaned that fateful night. ask yourself that?

Posted by: m.ballard at April 15, 2005 04:05 PM (UfyCX)

5 Until proven guilty? Witt made the confession that he did it... even confessed to finishing off Andy by stabbing him in the heart. You may believe he does not have mean bone in his body - but that doesn't say much for his brain and thoughts. Witt deserves the death Pentalty and with King as a valuable witness I am sure that will be the case... he does not deserve to breath the same air that he stole from Andy and Jamie.

Posted by: SgtAzrag at September 21, 2005 10:23 AM (Qd4BB)

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