July 14, 2009


Via Insty, a great PJTV video called Steven Crowder Investigates Why CanadaCare Sucks...Will ObamaCare Be Any Better?  It's worth watching the whole thing, but one of the most galling bits was when they go to a free clinic to try to get his cholesterol checked.  The nurse says they cannot do that at the free clinic and gives him two options: 1) go to a private clinic and pay $900 for a check-up, or 2) call a family doctor and ask to be put on the two to three year waiting list.  "You're young, so you have time; normally you don't have a problem at your age," she said.

And mostly the video just reminded me of military care.  We don't have to wait months or years for appointments, but our emergency room and weekend clinic is exactly like this video.  Plus we get to share ultrasound rooms!

UPDATE:  drblast is on the same wavelength, with Free Lunch, Please

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1 You conservatives puzzle us. On the one hand, you can't wait to burn the planet with your SUVs. On the other hand, you can't wait a mere two or three years for a checkup. What's wrong with you? Why can't you gun-clingers accept your Omega status?

Immediate gratification is only for Alphas like us. When Obama has a paper cut, four doctors appear immediately to insure that the Imperial Finger is not infected by neocon germs that Bushaitan left behind in the (gag) White House. His legacy still haunts the One.

Learn to be patient. Health care is a right, just like food, clothing, and shelter. When the gOvernment takes care of your rights, it cannot drop everything just for you. No, it must cater to everyone within Omerica's borders, every undocumented immigrant who has needs. Eventually, the gOvernment will feed, clothe, and house you if you can wait long enough. Stand in line 16 hours for a bowl of cere-O. Wait 16 weeks for new clOthing. 16 months for a rOOm to rent.

Sharing ultrasound rooms is just the beginning. You have seen the future, and it's free!

It's starting to sound like the professor believes in the medicine fairy, because I'm quite sure that her brother does indeed pay indirectly for his medicine. If not, then someone else is paying for it, and from what she's said I can understand why she'd be enamoured of that circumstance. However, none of this makes the cost of providing the medicine go away.

Oh, really? This is the eOn of unicOrns! Yesterday's fantasies will soon become reality. The medicine fairies that have been curing Cubans for decades will finally fly northward to save millions of dying Omericans for free!

In the coming kingdOm, everything will be free except your mind and body. You must only think gOOd thoughts, and you must work to fund others' needs so that they don't have to pay for them. Do your duties, Omegas!

Posted by: kevin at July 14, 2009 01:05 PM (+nV09)

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