August 31, 2006


MSN taglines are so danged catchy that I often find myself following their links. And today I found this hunk of baloney under the heading "Is your husband making you fat?"

When we live with other people, we tend to compromise our behaviors. On “Today’s Woman,” we look at whether your husband is making you fat. If you find yourself plopped down on the couch with chips in your hand at night or look in your cupboard to discover it’s filled with cookies, it might not be all your fault.

I find this paragraph so annoying that I don't even know where to start. First of all, if my husband enjoys chips or cookies and wants to use his hard-earned money to buy those items, I most certainly am not required to eat them just because they're in the house. (If you find your teen plopped down on the couch with a beer, is he free from blame because you were the one who stupidly had alcohol in the house and he couldn't be expected to control himself?) It is not my husband's fault if I choose to eat junk and then get fatter because of it; anything I have done to gain weight over the years is my fault and mine alone. I hate this constant blame-shifting. Suggesting a healty diet for both the husband and wife is a wonderful idea, but it's extremely condescending to target women by saying that it's probably their man's fault they're getting fat.

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1 That's because, if you watch enough commercials on TV, that the Idiot Husband is always taking the healthy snack meal out of the microwave before the Hardworking Wife can snarf it down, leaving her little choice but to gorge disconsolately on the chips and Velveeta.

Posted by: Deskmerc at August 31, 2006 06:19 AM (MK29W)

2 Female Victimology - you have to love it. It's ALWAYS the man's fault. I can't tell you how sick I am of that mantra. *sigh* Heaven forbid that any woman take responsiblity for her actions when she can blame the man. It's sickening.

Posted by: Teresa at August 31, 2006 07:24 PM (o4pJS)

3 The problem is that you, are tying to place personal responsibility in to a MSM news source and thatÂ’s just wrong. You know that the MSM will never have anyone preach or teach about personal responsibility. But thatÂ’s neither here nor there.

Posted by: dagamore at August 31, 2006 09:27 PM (7IZfE)

4 Yeah, look at you. You're fat because you sit around knitting, watching tv, reading, and eating sour cream by the gallon. You can't expect your husband to come home from a hard day at the government teat and drag your big butt away from the computer to do some exercise!

Posted by: Willy C at September 01, 2006 03:15 AM (UHDmC)

5 BTW, Willy, you certainly have a bad attitude. I see no reason for peoples' comments to be so downright nasty. Sarah loves a good discussion or debate, but you do nothing of the sort. You and a few others just sling insults, and very personal insults at that. You don't even discuss the subject at hand. And, also, Sarah goes to the gym every day, walks every day, and swims laps every day. Her husband thinks she's beautiful and they are so happy together. So sad you spew insults, and especially personal insults, towards Sarah when you don't really even know her. Yes, I'm prejudice because I'm her mother, but it would do you well to learn a few lessons on life from your mother. I try to find some good in every person, know that people will not always agree with my opinions, and sometimes life is not fair. Those are a few things I've taught my children, and they seem to be doing okay. Sarah's Mama

Posted by: Nancy at September 01, 2006 06:04 PM (bw5Sm)

6 Nice comment, Willy. I can only hope that you were trying to be funny but failed. Anywho, going back to the subject.... I agree about the blame-everyone-but-yourself for obesity in the US. "It's the Fast Food Companies! It's not YOUR fault!" There's a commercial for a weight loss pill that actually says something like, "You're not making yourself fat; it's the cortizol!" Whatever.

Posted by: Allicadem at September 02, 2006 07:03 AM (hozcp)

7 It's a sad fact that we women, thanks to biology & the need for the survival of the species, have that extra layer of fat cells that the weaker-suriving, male body, doesn't possess. It will keep us warm if we're stuck in a blizzard, but it certainly makes putting on & taking off the pounds tougher than it is for guys. I know if Hubs and I start working out at the same time, it's ALWAYS longer before I see results than he does b/c of this & it is frustrating. Of course, I can't account for the extra layer of fat that some people appear to carry around between their ears...present company (Willy C) included. That just comes from years and years of not exercising the brain by resorting to junior high, potty mouth of which a mom couldn't even be proud. Well, I best return to my vat of sour cream. Where DID I put that straw!?

Posted by: Melinda at September 03, 2006 07:25 AM (mMRvT)

8 Willy C. - your comment was really rude and inappropriate. I'm a leftwinger the sometimes loses his temper here and says regrettable things, but your comment was just plain unoriginal and uninspiring. I hope to god that you're a republican.

Posted by: Will at September 05, 2006 08:50 PM (H4u2c)

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