May 12, 2009


Whenever I start to get nervous about the danger of my husband's job, I remember that we've made a formal pact to die on the same day when we're old.  Neither one of us wants to live without the other, so shortly after we got married, we just decided we were going to die on the same day.  (The black hole idea is a more recent manifestation of this pact.)  I know it's basically the Team America "I promise I will never die" fallacy, but when the going gets rough, we find peace in the thought that we'll have our whole lives full of happiness and togetherness and then our matter will be crushed together into infinite density.

Last week, my cell phone died.  White screen of death and all.  I ordered a new battery, but it doesn't seem to want to hold a charge.

Last night, my husband called from training on a borrowed cell phone.  Seems his phone -- a different make and model -- also mysteriously died and won't hold a charge.

Apparently our cell phones also love each other so much that his couldn't live without mine either.  They didn't die on the same day, but it was close enough to make us think we put out some serious connected vibes.

And if my phone doesn't get itself charged up here soon, I may throw it into a black hole.

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That cracks me up b/c - a few weeks ago my hubs was TDY in some random foreign country, he could not get online to save his life.  This disappointed my children very much b/c they wanted to chat with him.  My oldest then declared that he knew why my hubs couldn't get online, b/c our computers are married and they won't work properly when they are not side by side.  HE HE

Hoping that you can both pick a new cool phone that will hold a charge and get good signal.

Posted by: LMT at May 12, 2009 06:45 AM (leJhY)

2 chuck it . . . chuck it . . . chuck it . . . 

Posted by: Darla at May 12, 2009 10:12 PM (LP4DK)

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