March 31, 2010


P.S.  I must be doing something wrong, because we've been using Mylicon and gripe water, and it doesn't seem to help.  Or her gas would be phenomenally worse without the two products...

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March 18, 2010


Quick, before she wakes up from her nap!

I haven't read a news site, watched a news program, or followed any current event at all this whole month.  A few days ago, I asked my husband, "Is Corey Haim dead or something?"

I want to get back to my hobby, but it's just so low on the totem pole.  But I do need to get back to at least reading the news.

And maybe once I know what's going on, I might have something to say here.  In between feedings.

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March 06, 2010


I'm still going to finish that blog post that got lost -- I started rewriting it and got sidetracked nine hours ago -- but I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing much better tonight.  My fantastic husband took the baby all afternoon and let me take a long nap and do my sitz bath.  The two of them drank beer and watched The Godfather all afternoon, which is so adorable.  He knew I needed a break, and didn't even ask; he just disappeared with her and let me be alone for a while.  I appreciate it so much.

I am feeling much better and ready to face another sleepless night.

And as requested...a photo with cute feet.

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March 05, 2010


I don't mind sharing the baby's name with people, but I just don't want to post it publicly.  If you want to know, shoot me an email at tryingtogrok at hotmail and I will let you know.

When I find time.  Which has proven to be phenomenally hard so far.  I haven't even found the time in two whole days to take a sitz bath -- something I desperately want to do -- because I feel like I am constantly starting or ending a feeding.  I haven't taken a single nap.  And most days I forget to take my medicines too.

This is chaos.  I am still figuring it out.

Has anything happened in the world?  Baby watched O'Reilly with my mom last night, so she's more up to date on current events than I am at this point.

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