October 12, 2009


I hit George Bush's total for 2008, so now I am racing to catch Rove.  I also got lazy about writing my reviews as soon as I finished the book, hence some of the short ones.

40)  Misunderestimated  (Bill Sammon)
In honor of passing Pres Bush's book total for 2008, I read a book about him.  A good book.  I really liked this.

39)  The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression  (Amity Shlaes)
The book was a bit dense and slow going, but I enjoyed parts of it a lot, especially the chapter on Andrew Mellon's art collection.

38)  A Thousand Splendid Suns (Khaled Hosseini)
AirForceWife lent me this book, and I read it very quickly and cried all through the last segment.  It was a good, though horrifying, story.

37)  The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy  (Vicky Iovine)
I got a few laughs out of this book, learned some things, and especially appreciated the chapter on what to pack to take to the hospital.  It also saddened me to keep reading about all the things a husband should be doing during a pregnancy...

36)  The Quest for Cosmic Justice  (Thomas Sowell)
I didn't realize this was a collection of speeches when Leofwende recommended it, but it was good...as Sowell always is.

35)  Class 11: Inside the COA's First Post-9/11 Spy Class  (TJ Waters)
I really enjoyed this book and thought it was super interesting, but I am still shocked that he was allowed to write it.  I learned many things that I supposed I wouldn't be allowed to learn about the CIA.

34)  Bold Fresh Piece Of Humanity  (Bill O'Reilly)
My mom wanted this book for Christmas, so she brought it back so I could read it.  I have never been the biggest O'Reilly fan, but this book rounded out his personality for me and made him more of a complete character than just his show does.

33)  Showdown  (Larry Elder)
Larry Elder always challenges me to think more libertarian.

32)  Takedown  (Brad Thor)
Another good one, as usual.  I especially liked the idea of inventing a second attack on the US after 9/11.  And I love Jack Rutledge as president.

31)  A Red State of Mind  (Nancy French)
I have known about this book for a long time, and Nancy French has even commented here a couple of times, but I just finally got around to reading it.  I thought it was charming as all get-out.  And if I ever thought I was irritated by Kerry voters in 2004...

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