May 15, 2008


Yesterday I was supposed to go in and get more labwork done to make sure that the pregnancy is progressing. I was supposed to show up at lunchtime to do it. When I got there, I found that the nurse had forgotten to order the bloodwork. Naturally, it was lunchtime, so no one was around. I sat for half an hour until they got back from lunch to put the request in the computer system. I ended up getting the test done at about 1:15. When I called for the results, they told me that because I had gotten it done after 1:00, the results wouldn't be ready until tomorrow. Yeah, totally their fault.

I have been calling for the past two and a half hours this morning, and no one is answering the phone.

You know, I said I'm optimistic about the pregnancy, but I've realized what a panic I'm in that I can't get these results. It's like this time I need proof that the baby is not dead, since I carried a dead one around for seven weeks last time.

Someone answer the &%$# phone.


She finally returned my voicemail, two hours after I left it. My results don't look that great. Not dire, but not perfect. I won't know anything more until they can do an ultrasound in two weeks.

Two weeks of agonizing. How nice.


Sorry for the confusion. It's not that they can't get me in for two weeks; it's that ultrasounds are useless until the baby's at least seven weeks along. There's nothing they can know for sure until the heart starts beating. So we have to wait until then, which is two weeks from now.


I worked up the nerve to call back and mentioned that my husband is deployed and I'm sitting alone in the house working myself into a tizzy over this. The nurse reluctantly agreed to let me get my levels tested again tomorrow, but she said flat out that it was pretty pointless. Ewww. And this is a fertility clinic nurse, someone who should know better. All her patients are fragile and freaked out, and she acted all exasperated that I am nervous because she made me feel uneasy about my results. But how are you supposed to feel when someone reads you your numbers and then says, "Oh. Hmm. Have you had a miscarriage before? Oh." and gives you one-word answers to the questions that you're managing to choke out through tears? I mean, for goodness' sake. Nice bedside manner, lady.

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1 WHY do they do these kinds of things to us and then look at us like we have two heads when we start to flip out over it!? I'm with you--the phone is RINGING...someone needs to PICK IT UP. Also, you know, of course, that you will need to post an immediate update. Even though I know all is well, I still will need to read that for myself and *I* have been waiting a couple long days for these tests too. {{Hugs}} If you want me to call & jack someone up, let me know. It's one of those days here.

Posted by: Guard Wife at May 15, 2008 06:19 AM (lougU)

2 The weird part is when you go to get a sonogram in the same room where you were also told that you were carrying a dead baby. Ugh. I totally wigged during most of my pregnancy following my miscarriage. It still seems eerie when I go to the hospital even though I had two healthy baby girls there. You will always feel like you lost a part of you. Still, I just assume that the healthy strong spirit of my 2nd child simply couldn't live in that body that died in utero. So, she waited around until we created a strong body too. That baby is with you. Always. Hold on to that in faith. And someone answer the DAMN phone!

Posted by: Tonya at May 15, 2008 06:30 AM (KV0YP)

3 I totally feel you on the hospital run around nobody answering the phone thing. Just keep trying. I think it took me over an hour one day of hanging up, dialing, getting a busy signal, hanging up, dialing, getting a ring that turned to a busy signal, dialing, getting a ring that was never answered. The military healthcare system is a shining example of why socialized medicine doesn't work. Although it should. Somehow.

Posted by: Sis B at May 15, 2008 06:47 AM (0ZS+T)

4 I highly recommend calling your clinic's Patient Advocate if you have trouble like this again. That will usually get you a prompt return phone call, and it's less anxiety for you to deal with. I'm sending you good thoughts, and know that just because the results so far aren't perfect, it doesn't mean that they're bad.

Posted by: Ann M. at May 15, 2008 08:09 AM (HFUBt)

5 Two weeks?! Whom do I need to call? I can bake cookies & send them for you to take as a bribe...I could threaten to come down there and TRUST one wants that. I'm off next week (no bar prep classes) so if I need to grab GBear and hop on a plane, let me know. I'm really good at distracting folks with chocolate...or interpretive dance. Your pick. We're here so let us know.

Posted by: Guard Wife at May 15, 2008 08:10 AM (20Lnu)

6 Wow. Two weeks. That sucks (yeah, I know, stating the obvious huh) I know all dr offices/hospitals are different in how they handle things, but I'm suprised they wouldn't monitor your hcg levels in the meantime if they suspect something is wrong. Anyway, all fingers are crossed for you here!

Posted by: sharona at May 15, 2008 08:43 AM (BeRta)

7 You should have a Trans Vaginal US ASAP, it is not useless and would be a standard practice for high risk.

Posted by: * at May 15, 2008 09:15 AM (7zKI/)

8 Retesting two days later isn't useless. If the bloodwork shows "low levels" a test two days later can be helpful. Ideally, the test results will show the the results doubling in a two days later. This happened to me with my first pregnancy. That pregnancy is now a healthy 4 year old tornado. Also, they can do a vaginal sonogram at this point and rule out things like an ectopic pregnancy.

Posted by: * at May 15, 2008 11:30 AM (k140Y)

9 Well, I'll use a term I seldom use, it's a generational thing, but that just sucks! It is one reason in my day they wouldn't say you were pregnant till you had missed two periods and your uterus was engorged. I am thinking positive for you and urge you to do the same. If I could I would go bless out some staff for you, they are for your benefit not theirs!!

Posted by: Ruth H at May 15, 2008 02:07 PM (w9ltj)

10 I would say that I would need to make mention of this to whomever oversees those nurses. Really. She should know better. And, nine times out of ten, a doctor hasn't a clue about what the nurses do/say that upset their patients and they wish they did. It may not be until a doctor loses patients (and that usually is a slow process) and doesn't pick up new ones (no more word-of-mouth referrals) that he/she realizes there is a problem. It's about common sense and being caring and compassionate. It isn't always easy to do, but you know what?? That's kind of her job. I have told more than one person delivering alleged medical care to my kids that if they don't have it in their hearts to treat children anymore, they should not. Because, let's face it. If you're making an already sucky situation for my daughter worse by your piss poor attitude, you're likely to receive a little super tune. At least they are close to the band-aids should I ever go off. Keep us posted, k?

Posted by: Guard Wife at May 15, 2008 05:09 PM (BslEQ)

11 Please call the nice woman who gave you her #...make her a liason of sorts...some nurses are miserable people.....they should not be but are...

Posted by: awtm at May 15, 2008 05:23 PM (nNW3E)

12 The advice above (*) is spot on regarding retesting the hcg levels and also about the info that can be gained from an ultrasound even before the stage a heartbeat would be heard. At the WR REI clinic they had a super nice head rn you could talk to as the contact person. Your nurse sounds ridiculous. If she isn't the head rn I would ask for her/him or put in a request for a call from a doctor. It might take a bit of time but they call back and I would guess they hate their job a little less than she does and won't look to pass the buck and flatout bs you about this. Aarrgghh! That makes me mad! Totally not the way to be treated. I hope the hcg rollercoaster ride is short and ends quickly with a good result.

Posted by: wifeunit at May 15, 2008 06:36 PM (BOdNw)

13 Another comment because my blood is still boiling at that nurse. Years ago I had a doctor whose nursing staff changed over about a two year period and a nurse of that type became his chief link with his patients. She was rude, rude, rude. I had a good relationship with this doctor and told him of my concerns over this nurse. He was sooo appreciative. He continued to be my doctor for about 15 more years and from time to time would ask me if the nurses were handling my calls properly. He told me he could tell if the number of emergency or concerned calls fell he needed to tell them that he was in charge, not them.

Posted by: Ruth H at May 16, 2008 04:00 AM (w9ltj)

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