July 09, 2004


I just got home from my travels and I was going to write about the Autobahn, high speeds, etc. All of a sudden that seems so stupid.

Base officials saying little about deaths

Air Force officials released little new information Wednesday regarding the killing of two Robins Air Force Base residents found dead in their red brick duplex early Monday morning by base security forces.

I know this couple. Both Andy and Jamie Schliepsiek went to our high school. My brother used to play sports with Andy and they were pretty good friends. And, eerily enough, Andy and Jamie were in line right behind my husband and me to get marriage licenses.

I feel a sort of disgusted shock right now.


They were a cute couple, weren't they? And he had just returned from a tour in Iraq. Senseless.

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1 I'm so sorry to hear this.

Posted by: Tammi at July 09, 2004 10:56 PM (Xm18O)

2 Oh, Sarah...this is such sad news.

Posted by: Princess Jami at July 12, 2004 07:12 PM (0gPLe)

3 I read what you had to say and yes, it is so awful that something like this has happened. I'm actually a friend of Andrew's. I have no idea of all the details to what happened, but I am very sorry of the loss of your friend. I cannot imagine Andrew doing this...he is such a kind-hearted person. A true gentileman, the kind of guy that would walk you to your door because it's dark out. He's a protector. It just doesn't match up. I don't know what else to say...

Posted by: Teresa at March 23, 2005 09:05 PM (UCSq/)

4 Im really sorry about what happened to them. Unfortunely, their house is right behind our house 2 house down. I drive by their house all the time for my husband's work. I know a friend who told me that his sister have gone out with that killer long before he murdered them and said that he was psycho. But anyways, I'm sorry about what happened and I wish they would get this trial over with and find him guilty.

Posted by: Vicki at May 13, 2005 12:26 AM (4yVEO)

5 I personally know Andrew Witt. He and I have a dear friendship. I agree with Teresa that this is totally out of character for him. Andrew has been nothing less then kind, gentle, and caring. He has been around my children. Never had any fear or lack of trust for him. (To Vicki and her friend who "went-out" with Andrew Witt: I'm sure every woman who dates can say that they have dated a "Psycho" before. That label doesn't have much to stand on).

Posted by: Ruby at June 28, 2005 05:57 PM (mYMlL)

6 I wen to the same church as Andrew Witt when he was in high school. I trained him on running the sound system there. At that time he was a very intelligent, kind, and passionate person. i knew his parents, and they are two of the best. I cannot speak for Andrew's early years, and I realize that the mind is more complex than any of us know. But I will say that Andrew is more sorry than anyone reading this will ever be, and he is ready to take his punishment. Nobody wins here, except to say that anyone can be forgiven when he seeks the face of Christ.

Posted by: Craig at July 26, 2005 03:06 AM (7EVyU)

7 he is a psycho pure and simple

Posted by: joe at September 24, 2005 04:07 PM (EK7dU)

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