April 08, 2004


They're talking about shuffling troops around in Iraq, moving people where they're needed during this volatile week. My husband is located in a relatively safe section of Iraq; his main concern so far has been how to get supplies to the neighboring Iraqis. I have a feeling he won't be in that area for long when he's needed elsewhere.

After reading the news yesterday night, I awoke this morning to a feeling of anxiety. No phone call in the middle of the night. No email. Nothing telling me what's going on in my husband's company. I couldn't even read blogs; after half an hour I just shut it down and went back to bed. And when I felt like I couldn't stand it anymore, I knew what I wanted to do.

I wanted to call a friend.

My definition of friend has changed tremendously since last year. I've really reflected on who I want to share my life with, and I've narrowed the list of people I'd approach in a crisis. Here on post, there's a feeling of walking on tiptoes, not wanting to stress anyone out more than they are already. No one wants to hear my problems, because they are all looking for ways to deal with their own. And as much as I trust my favorite friend here on post, her husband is on rear detachment, so it's sometimes hard for her to relate.

So I called Tim.

He talked about the agony of being so near the finish line and seeing the goalpost move. I talked about the agony of uncertainty, of not knowing where my husband is or what he may be doing. We just talked, venting our frustrations for a few minutes, as friends do.

And I feel a whole lot better.

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1 Days like this one will come and go. You've got a pretty good support system, so don't feel bad about using them.

Posted by: Mike at April 08, 2004 07:50 AM (cFRpq)

2 I bet Tim appreciated it too. After reading his blog today it's good to know he has a friend like you to talk to.

Posted by: Machelle at April 08, 2004 09:18 AM (W/eGG)

3 I know what you mean. I know my list of friends is very short when I can't think of who it is I'd want to be with me if anything ever happens to Nerdstar. That so sucks about Tim's wife. I heard about the extended deployment late tonight. I haven't heard about the reshuffling yet.

Posted by: Beth at April 09, 2004 01:37 AM (mqI8M)

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