June 12, 2008


Last night I dreamt I was learning to nurse. I sat on the sofa next to my husband, with a baby boy in my arms, and we watched David Spade's Showbiz Show on TV. Now that's the life! (Also, I told you my dreams were boring.)

My mom and I decided we weren't going to do anything this morning, just stay in our jammies until she has to go back to the airport. But nature had other plans for me. I have a little bit of bleeding this morning, and what with being sick and all, I thought it best to get checked out. So we're headed to the hospital again.

The nurse asked me all sorts of questions on the phone, including whether I'd had intercourse in the last 24 hours. "Not even in the last 24 days!" I joked.

Off to get checked out. I'm not too nervous, but then again, I wasn't nervous the last time I sat for three hours in the emergency room, and that one didn't turn out so great.

We'll see. I'll update you later, hopefully before I drive the 164 miles again this evening.

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1 Holding my breath and praying for you.

Posted by: FbL at June 12, 2008 04:43 AM (HwqvF)

2 I will be saying a prayer for you.

Posted by: Reasa at June 12, 2008 04:58 AM (2W7Iu)

3 Ditto.

Posted by: MaryIndiana at June 12, 2008 05:47 AM (Sc9ll)

4 Ok... sending positive healthy baby vibes your way!

Posted by: Tonya at June 12, 2008 05:52 AM (KV0YP)

5 Take it nice and easy for a while, I'm thinking of you and sending prayers up.

Posted by: Oda Mae at June 12, 2008 05:53 AM (6zvrq)

6 Praying, but hoping it's only things stretching and and all that. Keep us posted.

Posted by: Guard Wife at June 12, 2008 06:25 AM (boSOD)

7 I've already started praying for you. I will be watching for news and hoping it's all good! {{Hugs from a stranger}}

Posted by: rchampan at June 12, 2008 06:47 AM (gDEwS)

8 Good luck.

Posted by: Anwyn at June 12, 2008 07:28 AM (dzxw9)

9 Praying here too.

Posted by: Val at June 12, 2008 08:48 AM (6RyTP)

10 You are in my prayers...<>

Posted by: Vonn at June 12, 2008 10:05 AM (gNLi0)

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