April 07, 2004


Twelve Marines are dead, and this is what I read:

[Coalition spokeswoman Paola] Della Casa said the Iraqi attackers used civilians as human shields, and a woman and two children were among the dead.

I've always tried to maintain my resolve throughout this war. When other wives say that they wish we could just nuke Iraq into a parking lot and bring our husbands home, I always tried to remember that what my husband is doing there is necessary for the future of the Middle East. I've maintained my optimism and idealism, even saying "Our soldiers are lucky to be part of something so monumental in history. When the puzzle is complete, all their work will make sense, and a beautiful new Iraq will emerge from the pieces."

But today I'm not so resolved. We're fighting to save a country from itself. As Victor Davis Hanson said Sunday, "Are the citizens of Fallujah the victims of Saddam, or did folk like this find their natural identity expressed in Saddam?" I'm starting to wonder about that myself.

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1 I know. But... I've seen Barefoot Gen, the tale of a boy growing up in Hiroshima in 1945. It's hard. We have to fight, and we have to fight our way. Otherwise we will lose part of what we are. But every death hurts, the more so now that I know, even indirectly, some of the people serving in Iraq. If I was religious, I would pray for them every day. But I'm not, so I will support them in every other way I can find.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at April 07, 2004 02:25 PM (+S1Ft)

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