September 08, 2008


Today I pretty much guaranteed that I'm gonna get pregnant soon: I bought $66 worth of booze.

Saturday night after SpouseBUZZ Live, AWTM called me at midnight to check on me. She said she had been thinking about me all day after the panel at SBL and wanted to make sure I was OK. It was so thoughtful of her. But really, I was OK. In fact, I was puzzled at first about why she was checking on me.

I did speak about the miscarriages on our panel, and how frustrating it's been to try to squeeze pregnancy into deployment schedules. And also how depressing it is to miscarry your baby on your wedding anniversary while your husband is deployed. Heh...sigh.

But honestly, pregnancy has been pretty far from my mind lately. I stopped charting -- there was no point with my husband gone -- and I knew there was no chance of getting pregnant, so it became a non-issue for two months. Until I talked about it at SpouseBUZZ, I hadn't thought about it in a long time.

But today I had my first appointment with the fertility doctor. Remember how I said I'm getting back on the horse? Well, I'm hopping on a horse at full gallop. At the end of the month, I will be trying to get pregnant. Sadly, it will be alone in a doctor's office. For all my griping about babymaking, I kinda wish we could do it the old-fashioned way. But that's probably just the four months of deployment talking.

And squeezing it into deployment schedule? We will be lucky if we get pregnant right away, because otherwise there's not much hope for my husband being here for the birth. Funny how I could get pregnant without him and he will still come home and leave again during the pregnancy.

So much for planning out our life, right?

But we're back in the saddle. And I'm off the wagon until I'm not allowed to be anymore.

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1 $66 dollars worth of booze? for what and when? I was concerned...sharing your story, heck any story can be fatiguing.... And you had no one to lie down beside and say...hey it was a long was... I just love you...

Posted by: awtm at September 08, 2008 05:49 PM (R8+ZR)

2 Oh, yes... there's truly nothing like other (incompatible with pregnancy) plans to make it work! What an amazingly strong woman you are. *Thoughts & prayers & happy success vibes your way!*

Posted by: kannie at September 08, 2008 07:53 PM (f+LJo)

3 I have 2 mental images going: the first is of you kicking back & relaxing with some kind of very expensive, fine liqour. the other is of you surounded by lots of bottles of cheap hooch! Good luck with the fertility doc, I have my fingers crossed for you!

Posted by: Sharona at September 09, 2008 02:54 AM (BeRta)

4 Well, crap. I should have brought all the booze that was left at my house when everyone visited a few months ago. Then you wouldn't have to buy it and I wouldn't have to move it! It would be win-win! Call me anytime if the hormones get to you and you need to let them out. Even in the middle of the night. I have insomnia anyway.

Posted by: airforcewife at September 09, 2008 03:00 AM (mIbWn)

5 By 'the end of the month', I certainly hope you mean after Vegas. AWTM and I have spoken and have already begun a list of how we will do "stays in Vegas" worth things at BWE. You are the 3rd Amigo, my friend...don't let us down. I'm glad you're okay. It WAS a long weekend.

Posted by: Guard Wife at September 09, 2008 03:41 AM (F5iCn)

6 I wasn't sure what image to have with the $66 of booze, but, honestly, it was along the same lines with Sharona. You know I'm on your side rooting all the way and sending every well-wish, good thought, prayer, and sprinkling of fairy dust I can. I know what you're thinking, "fairy dust?" You'd be surprised at how well it can work. (FYI: It works better than the "Monster-Be-Gone" spray for those unsightly beasts that hang out in the closet and under the bed. For future reference.) Be well and be safe...

Posted by: Susan at September 09, 2008 03:57 AM (4aKG6)

7 Enjoy your booze! And Vegas! Wish I could join you this year. Good luck with the end of the month attempt. We are rooting for you here. So as you are at the doctor, just pretend that in the background there are people chanting, "Go, Sarah! Go, Sarah!" Maybe that way you'll not be so alone in that doctor's office. But that's probably just the four months of deployment talking. You know I snickered. It was wonderful to see you this past Saturday. Big hugs!

Posted by: Butterfly Wife at September 09, 2008 04:04 AM (p8HAO)

8 I have been wondering what was going on on this front, but couldn't decide if i should ask. I'm glad that you are able to move forward with this. I'm the last person who should be trying to suggest that you look on the bright side of things, but if you are able to, consider this: hooray that your body is cooperative and you are able to take this next step. You obviously know now that sometimes you have to throw the plan out the window, and I've been alone in that cold doctor's office table, so think of me for even a moment while you are there. All I can do now is pray that you have the same outcome as I did. Let me know the day and time and I'll try to send my semi-fertile thoughts your way.

Posted by: Kate at September 09, 2008 04:09 AM (JIGe1)

9 Good luck!!! And hope that $66 includes some really nice Scotch. And yes, I have an awful, evil, and dirty mind, but . . . couldn't you have tacked on a $3 shooter? ;-)

Posted by: Lissa at September 09, 2008 05:23 AM (fHdl7)

10 Nothing like a glass of wine or a tequilla shot to heal a wound. No I'm not an alcoholic. Good luck with your journey through fertility drugs, and possibly getting pregnant even without him home. The end result is all that matters right?

Posted by: Sara at September 09, 2008 06:28 AM (SZeN8)

11 Ha, I love your sense of humor. When you think about it this will actually be a funny story for when junior gets here. Just let me know when you want that immaculate conception shirt.

Posted by: Mare at September 10, 2008 12:58 PM (APbbU)

12 $66 worth of booze? That's it?!? Sheesh, I'm almost disappointed in you. I'm kidding. My prayers are with you and everything that can be crossed is crossed. I'd sacrifice something for you but I'm not sure what would be appropriate in this instance...

Posted by: HomefrontSix at September 11, 2008 01:43 AM (4Es1w)

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