July 07, 2009


I write about my husband's team on Facebook often, but rarely here.  For a little while now, I have been taking them hot lunch once a week: enchiladas, manicotti, meatloaf, etc.  Today I took them their last lunch, complete with a cake for all the fellas who will be deployed over their birthdays, starting with my husband.

This branch of the Army is unique in a sense, in that the whole thing revolves around four-man teams.  My husband goes on training missions with them, shares an office with them, does PT with them, eats breakfast with them, and will deploy with only them.  In short, they have grown very tight.  And while my husband had the same type of closeness with his tank crew back when he was in Armor, it's just somehow a little different.

The average age of the team is 27.  They have spent a combined total of 10 years in combat.  They have more tattoos than I'm able to count.

They've grown so tight that it annoys the other teams.  They're so tight that their commander has split them up on occasion because it looks bad that they shoot better, run faster, lift more, and just click better than anyone else.

They truly are a team.  I am so grateful they have each other.  I thank heavens my husband ended up with these three outstanding men.

And I will miss taking them lunch.

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1 "And I will miss taking them lunch" makes it sound like you're just the delivery person, but you make their lunches too.

Your husband has you on one side of his life and them on the other. What a lucky man!

Posted by: Amritas at July 07, 2009 03:51 PM (+nV09)


Ahh, now I see how the necklace will workout for you. Did you ever recieve it? The vendor's dad is sick and so it took about a month to get mine. 

I love how close you are to all of them. I feel like Mark and I are just not involved right now because we won't be a part of a unit for some time.  I hope to be "that" military wife like you are with them, especially if mark makes SF.

Posted by: Sara Vidotto at July 09, 2009 03:08 PM (AnKbP)

3 Sara -- I did get my necklace, and the boys loved it. 

Posted by: Sarah at July 09, 2009 03:24 PM (TWet1)

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