August 02, 2009


Deployments are like snowflakes: they're all snow, but no two are alike.  And this one is weird so far.

On my end, I am entirely too preoccupied with worrying about our baby's death and feeling morning sick all day long to miss my husband very much.  I just haven't dwelled on it.  I am too busy trying to find foods I can actually eat to sit around and miss him too much.

On his end, he is bored.  The team hasn't started missions yet, they might change locations, and he has made a big proposal to completely change the type of missions his team would be used for, so the bigwigs are mulling that over.  So they have no job yet, just playing X-box all day.  Because he doesn't have internet access.  Apparently super-secret FOBs are much tighter on communication.  He has no access to my blog, no ability to IM or skype, and he can only email sporadically if he waits in a long line.

Figures, the one deployment where both of us look interesting -- him growing that absurd beard and me growing a belly -- and we'll never get to webcam.

So he'll probably never get to see this post, but still...

Happy Birthday, husband.

I'm saving your present to give to you when you get home.  (Hint: it's a baby.)

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