October 29, 2009


My dithering is worse than Pres Obama's.  I don't know what the solution is.  I want to do this until my husband comes home.

I am frustrated on so many levels.

A senior military officer said the developing strategy adopted General McChrystal’s central tenet. “We are no longer thinking about just destroying the enemy in a conventional way,” the officer said. “We must remove the main pressure that civilians live under, which is the constant intimidation and corruption and direct threat from the insurgency.”

Am I missing something here?  I thought we needed this new strategy because only it would deny safe haven to al-Qaeda. Now, we are evidently going to do counterinsurgency despite conceding at the outset that it won't really work because the Taliban is "an indigenous force" (translation: It has too much support among its fellow Afghan Muslims); under "Biden for the country," we are going to cede the vast countryside to the Taliban, which will then be free to give al-Qaeda the safe-haven it was purportedly our objective to prevent (and you know that's what we're doing because a "senior administration official" felt it necessary to tell the Times, "We are not talking about surrendering the rest of the country to the Taliban"); and under McChrystal for the city, while we don't go after the Taliban because “we are no longer thinking about just destroying the enemy in a conventional way,” we're going to focus on solving the real challenge to U.S. national security . . . Afghan corruption.



And I still feel like Ralph Peters:

Iraq made sense to me. The stakes there were (and are) enormous. But Afghanistan's a strategic vacuum that sucks in resources and lives to no sensible purpose.

And yet leaving is an even bigger problem.

I get sick thinking about it.

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October 20, 2009


New Facebook status:

Sarah just calculated that her husband has been deployed for 99 days.  It's a good number for bottles of beer on the wall, but not so good for number of days being apart...

My mind is also apparently starting to play tricks on me.

I am ready to be done now, pls k thx.

Also, he is being a total John Adams and hasn't sent me one single letter.  "But we don't have outgoing mail out here" blah blah blah, like I believe that.

I'm tired of being in stores and seeing something I could give him for Christmas, and then putting it back because I realize that he won't be here for Christmas...

I'm tired of seeing myself in the mirror at night before bed and noticing how absolutely remarkable and amazing I look with my big, bare belly, and knowing he will never get to see it.  I am not trying to be lewd, but I think the hardest thing about the pregnancy so far is that my husband doesn't get to see what I look like with no clothes on.  The changes are pretty phenomenal, and I don't have anyone to share it with.

I just miss him.

I know, I know, "gold to aery thinness beat" and all, like I always say.  But I'm feeling dull and sublunary today.

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October 13, 2009


Last week I got to explain to my relatives how important it is for us to keep living our lives while our husbands are deployed.

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