November 18, 2004


Via LGF I found two posts written by Froggy Ruminations about the Marine who shot the insurgent. Like he says, I'm not a veteran. But I would want my husband to shoot the terrorist. The object of war is not to die for your country, as Patton said.

There's what's right and what's right, and never the twain shall meet.

When my husband was home, he saw that I had bought A Few Good Men, which he has never seen. I told him of my thoughts when I had watched it again, and he said that it didn't sound like something he'd like to watch. He made a comment (not a direct quote -- I can't remember exactly how he phrased it) about it being the type of movie that makes people shudder at what must be done to protect America. Is Jack Nicholson the bad guy, or has he done what was necessary to keep America safe? I don't have the answers to those questions. We also talked about the Ethics in America program and the SSG Alban case. The husband didn't like to face these issues at all, probably because every servicemember fears being in those shoes.

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1 Well, that puts it in a different perspective! I was an active duty JAG at the time, and I remember saying to my date - "If Demi Moore sleeps with Tom Cruise, the other defense attorney, I am standing up and walking OUT of the theatre." From a Jag perspective, it was very realistic and right on the money - other than there's no way Demi could have thought Tom was a great attorney, since he entered guilty pleas on all his other cases.

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