July 01, 2009


This is a rant I probably oughtn't make...

Remember the post I wrote about how the Army had to make my husband's upcoming deployment "more fair"?  The last one was 7 mos so this one had to be 9 mos because they were both supposed to be 8 mos.  We have to even it all up so it's fair to everyone.

The way it works in my husband's branch is that four-man teams deploy to a variety of places.  Of the teams in his company, two of them are going to Afghanistan and the other teams are going to various other Middle Eastern countries (not Iraq).

It turns out that the teams going to other countries have had an unforeseen complication.  So they have to wait it out.  One team is estimated to be gone by August, another may hem and haw until October.  So those teams won't deploy in two weeksish when my husband does.  But apparently everyone's still slated to come home at the same time.

The two Afghanistan teams will therefore be the only people deploying for nine months!

More fair?  More FAIR?  You're kidding me, right?

The teams going to the dangerous country will be gone longer and paid much much less.

I'm not good at this branch.  I think I need out of it before I hurt someone.

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1 That stinks. I'm sorry.

Posted by: Heather at July 01, 2009 05:45 PM (E/7hG)

2 Ha.  I love and getting all indignant about the inner workings of Mark's Navy life. 

But the way it works out for you guys definitely sucks.  Ugh.

Posted by: wifeunit at July 01, 2009 05:47 PM (t5K2U)

3 I meant to say (and thought I did) that I loved the last part.  And that I could relate to it.


Posted by: wifeunit at July 01, 2009 05:48 PM (t5K2U)

4 Just like there is Army 'strong' there is, apparently, Army 'fair.'

There is also Army 'information.'  Like the part where they said, "Hey, ya'll, if you want Tricare dental coverage, you need to sign up."  Our dentist appointments aren't until at the end of July, so I thought, "Okay.  On to do list for later."

Now we got some note in a newsletter saying something about how if we sign up now, it for an entire year b/c we missed some window.

I saw no window.  I also saw NO information on how to sign up.

These folks crack me up.

Posted by: Guard Wife at July 01, 2009 06:06 PM (M+hWl)

5 "Army" + "fair" =  "retarded"

Posted by: HomefrontSix at July 01, 2009 09:51 PM (7Qxzl)

6 Sarah - what a bummer.  Yuck.  I'm curious about something you said ~ How are they paid less?  Does hazardous duty pay vary based on location?    awiv

Posted by: awiv at July 06, 2009 11:34 PM (FJ6eJ)

7 Per diems vary.  Per diem for Iraq and Afghanistan is $3.50 per day.  Per diems in other countries can get up to $100 per day.  Multiply that by nine months, and those soldiers are taking home $20,000 more than my husband.  Ugh, don't even get me started on that one...

Posted by: Sarah at July 07, 2009 06:52 AM (TWet1)

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