May 06, 2004


(via LGF) The El Salvadorians are apparently immune to the vaginitis plaguing the Spanish-speaking members of the coalition.

After several hours of combat, the besieged unit ran out of ammunition, having come with only 300 rounds for each of their M-16 rifles. Pvt. Natividad Mendez, Cpl. Toloza's friend for three years, lay dead, shot twice probably by a sniper. Two more were wounded as the close-quarters fighting intensified.
"I thought, 'This is the end.' But, at the same time, I asked the Lord to protect and save me," Cpl. Toloza recalled.
The wounded were placed on a truck while Cpl. Toloza and the three other soldiers moved on the ground, trying to make their way back to the base. They were soon confronted with Sheik al-Sadr's fighters, about 10 of whom tried to seize one of the soldiers.
"My immediate reaction was that I had to defend my friend, and the only thing I had in my hands was a knife," Cpl. Toloza said.

So he charged the Iraqis and fought them with his knife. And won.

There's a photo of him with his knife, which I assume will offend people and might disappear soon. I'll keep a copy here. If the anti-war crowd wants to show us photos of coffins and read lists of the deceased as a way to inspire us to give up, then I'll show a photo of a man with more courage than most of us could ever imagine, as a way to inspire us to never give up.


It's real easy for us, thousands of miles away, to pretend that no one has to see the whites of their eyes. Every day the headlines tell us of another casualty, but rarely do you hear of the military triumphs, of the missions that wiped out the bad guys. What we need to remember -- what we need this gruesome photo for -- is that for every coalition soldier who dies, roughly 70 insurgents have been killed. Our servicemembers are brave, they are tough, and they will never give up.

And they're not just Americans; there are some hardcore El Salvadorians too.

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1 I agree Sarah. I'm so sick of the daily listing of American soldiers' deaths on the nightly news with NO corresponding numbers of how many of the insurgents they took out with them. It makes us look like we're sitting ducks just getting taken out. Whenever they do talk about other dead, it's always women and children who were caught in the CROSSfire, although the way they word it makes it sound like they were targets. ARRRRRRRGH. P.S. Love your socks. I'm knitting a baby blanket myself right now for some friends who are trying to conceive.

Posted by: MargeinMI at May 06, 2004 10:35 AM (p9Mv5)

2 "I'm so sick of the daily listing of American soldiers' deaths on the nightly news with NO corresponding numbers of how many of the insurgents they took out with them." Marge, perhaps you should be glad that these numbers aren't given, because once they are, the media will find a negative way to spin them. Imagine an "American soldier = hyperefficient killer" meme crossbred with the already repugnant "American soldiers deserve to die" meme. Ugh. Our soldiers aren't supposed to be taking out insurgents in the first place. And what was Toloza doing with (shudder) a knife? Whatever happened to words? Words, not weapons. It's the way of the UN. It can work for the US. Peace, love, and understanding, man. Kumbaya, er, I meant salaam! /LLL

Posted by: Amritas at May 06, 2004 01:06 PM (K+kA2)

3 Thanks for posting that pic. That is one brave bass-ass soldier!

Posted by: Madfish Willie at May 06, 2004 11:08 PM (LbKVB)

4 Inspiring post. It's a shame that coalition soldiers must be reduced to this, but extremists have often said how much they crave death. Let them have it.

Posted by: Mark at May 10, 2004 08:31 PM (Vg0tt)

5 Well, well, well, L L L; how very depressing to see on a Seymore Hirsch site, no less, that you're the only person whose posting makes any sence. A distinction one can do without. To date (6/9/04) Iraqi civillian deaths number somewhere around 40,000; about 4 civillians lost for every soldier we lost in Viet Nam. I think the President and his miserable pals should all be tried for treason. Our enlisted soldiers are being re-upped half to death because, in large part, Bush et al know full well there's no real popular support for this insanity; a draft would shut it down over night. That alone is treasonous. It'd all be pure war criminality if - tanks God - Ashcroft et al hadn't analyzed it all and found that our Constitutuion guarentees us the inalienable right to torture; and that the President, in wars, so to speak, such as this, are not hamstrung or otherwise subject to Federal statutes and international treaties. God help the next American POWs.

Posted by: Jay Arbie at June 10, 2004 12:40 AM (+zG++)

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