May 07, 2009


Oh my heavens, how come no one told me about the Army Combat Shirt?
Makes me wish we were still babymaking...

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1 those are foxy

Posted by: awtm at May 07, 2009 08:05 PM (qogaY)

2 Looking good on the new minx.  

I have a couple of tips for you.  First make sure that none of your post titles matches a category title!  For some reason they don't play nice together when they have the same name... strange isn't it.  I've done it a couple of times because I'm a SLOW learner.  I had to delete the post and redo it because no one could comment.

Also, I found that if I name a post with a single number that corresponds to a month (I had a post I called 12) the month archive corresponding to that number will point only to that post.  For me - all the December archives pointed there.  Pixy told me how to fix it. (all hail Pixy!)

And if you're like me and need to edit an old post some time - ask him for the cute edit gif to put in your template - makes life much easier!

If you have any questions just ask - I think I've done everything wrong so far that can be done wrong.  LOL.

Oh yeah, cool shirt.  I like it.

Posted by: Teresa at May 07, 2009 10:48 PM (ybEr8)

3 Makes me wish we were still babymaking...

You need an excuse??? 

Posted by: FbL at May 08, 2009 07:30 PM (HwqvF)


Army? What? How about some Air Force love!

Posted by: Darla at May 09, 2009 09:39 AM (LP4DK)

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