July 27, 2004


My friend's husband bought a bootleg copy of Fahrencrap 9/11 in Iraq. He said he watched it three times and laughed his ass off the whole time. When I heard that, I managed a bemused smile: I'm amazed with this guy's confidence to laugh in Michael Moore's face. I've spent so much time getting angry about this movie that it was refreshing to hear that one soldier thought Fahrencrap 9/11 was a comedy.

Too bad not all soldiers are reacting the same way...

Michael Moore has never claimed to support the troops, but a lot of Americans who have gone to see this movie are the same ones who "support the troops but think the war was wrong". To those viewers, I say congratulations: you've now put $100 million in Moore's pocket and doubt and pessimism in our servicemembers' minds. Well done.

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1 Glad to know your husband thinks its funny. "support the troops but think the war was wrong" So what does that mean? You are inferring that the two can't be seperated? You mean I have to choose?

Did you like Starship Troopers?

I am rfidtag and I approve this message.

Posted by: rfidtag at July 27, 2004 10:53 AM (XxIKf)

2 My friend's husband. Read the details, please. And yes, as I've written before, I do think you have to choose.

Posted by: Sarah at July 27, 2004 11:41 AM (59JMC)

3 Hi. I found your blog through CPT Patti and I really enjoy reading it. I was very sad to read yesterday about the soldiers reaction to the Moore film. There are many articles that dispel the 'truths' in the film - I hope the soldiers who are dismayed find those and ease their minds. I support the troops - with more than just words - I'm an adopt-a-friend to over 68 troops serving in Iraq. I just didn't feel that saying 'I support the troops' was good enough. I wanted to teach my son about the soldiers and their families sacrifice for our freedom. You can't be FOR the troops and AGAINST the war. The troops that are in Iraq know why we are there and they are seeing the fruits of their labor pay off. Thanks for writing your blog and for being a great American (and your husband too). Without strong familiies back home like yours, our soldiers wouldn't have the support they truly need. GOD Bless America and our brave men and women.

Posted by: Kathleen A at July 27, 2004 09:39 PM (vnAYT)

4 Moore's film is responsible for emboldening our enemies, and as a result prolonging their resistance and the war. therefore, he's partly responsible for every death and kidnapping that occurs since his "documentary" was released. To see O'Reilly shake his hand last night on TV made me sick. i've lost what little respect i had for O'Reilly, now. i never had any for Moore.

Posted by: annika at July 28, 2004 06:06 PM (zAOEU)

5 Please help me out here--I'm trying to wrap my brain around this, but I'm not having much luck with it. You say that people who watch Moore's film are "sowing doubt and pessimism in our servicemembers' minds." Is it not possible that the very act of fighting in a war would cause doubt and pessimism to creep in, with or without any propaganda on either side? Also, you mention that we must choose between "supporting the troops" and "being against the war." How far does that choice extend? Does that mean we are not allowed to criticize any detail of the strategy and prosecution of this war? For instance, are we allowed to ask why our troops weren't given enough body and vehicle armor that families and towns had to donate them? Are we allowed to question why control of some Iraqi cities have been turned over to what amounts to armed gangs? Are we allowed to ask what the administration plans to do with the money each time it asks for a supplemental request for funding? Can we entertain the possibility that everything isn't quite rosy in the midst of a combat zone, and that the challenges being faced are more complex and intractable than what we are being told? Are we allowed to ask who is responsible for making the decisions in this war, and are we allowed to hold them accountable for their actions and decisions, just as we are held accountable for the decisions we make in our own lives? If the answer isn't "yes" to these questions, then how are we living in a republic?

Posted by: Can't win at July 29, 2004 02:12 AM (gUA7O)

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