August 01, 2005


Man, this is why I've avoided blogging lately; it seems everything I say gets taken out of context or misconstrued. I get tired of going in circles.

So...I'm also not saying that all females are evil and unable to handle the military. I sure wish people wouldn't extrapolate my post into something I haven't argued.

My big beef is the view our society has that everything is the man's fault. This happens with sexual harrassment and infidelity, both in and outside the Army, but it happens in other realms too, which I've blogged about before in reference to Kim du Toit's bullseye, The Pussification of the Western Male.

Think about sitcoms: the men always cause the trouble. The portrayal of men on TV is ghastly. I saw it again today on a rerun of King of Queens: she wanted to go to the opera and he didn't; apparently she's too big of a witch to accept "look, hon, that's not really my bag", so he had to concoct this elaborate scheme to get out of going where he looked like a jerk in the end. I'm telling you, I stopped watching Everybody Loves Raymond when Ray ripped up his Superbowl tickets just to get Debra to stop whining for a second. The women on these shows are atrocious, but the joke is always on the dumb/incompetent/insensitive man.

Newsflash: men are not to blame for everything. That's my overarching beef with sexual harrassment norms and my reason for challenging Smink's post. Sometimes women are to blame for the unwanted advances and failed marriages.

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1 Sarah, Truth always hurts, but still it must be said. Thanks for saying what many people know. Maybe some don't, but I think they are just in denial. People smart enough to read must be honest enough to admit the truth.

Posted by: Ruth H at August 01, 2005 10:55 AM (7br1D)

2 To put the sitcom example in perspective, in the last season of Everybody Loves Raymond Ray Romano made $800,000 per episode. Patricia Heaton, who played his wife, was apparently making $75,000-$90,000. So, yeah, the "Men are stupid and women are wise" bit is mined for comedy, and maybe mined too much. That doesn't mean that it reflects the way that our society really values men and women, though.

Posted by: Pericles at August 01, 2005 05:22 PM (hHudX)

3 Say it loud, dear. You have more allies than you know. "If it weren't for men, women would still be living in caves." -- Camille Paglia.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at August 01, 2005 06:57 PM (MzH7h)

4 So, I take a little time away from "The Sphere" and this is what I come back to-- my friends having to clarify their statements because other people don't like what they have to say? No, screw that. You say what you think, dimwits be damned. People donÂ’t usually want clarification anyway, even if they say they do. For the most part all they want to do is twist words and play stupid little games so they can try and kick your words back in your face. Say what you think and let it be. If others want to be childish, then let it be so. And one more thing, the last time I checked, women were the equals of men in American society. With equal rights come equal responsibilities. Both sexes are at fault for the problems in American society, not just one. DonÂ’t like that statement? Kiss me arse! No clarification needed... OUT!

Posted by: Ken Dixon at August 02, 2005 12:01 AM (+SdnQ)

5 Sarah, Never explain...never complain. If the 'sheeple' out there really didn't understand, they could ask for a clarification. But instead they choose to accuse you of saying things you never said. Thank you for being there to tell us what you think! Brad

Posted by: Brad at August 02, 2005 01:46 AM (Qz3ul)

6 Sarah, Don't sweat the negative feedback. I think your points are well made. My own observations and thoughts are similar. Back when I was a young LT in Germany an old crusty First Sergeant gave me some sage advice about the same subject which I will clean up in this forum:" never ____ the hired help" and nothing will come back and haunt you. That meant to me, I always had to maintain the highest standards of behavior around the troops, all of the troops, and expect nothing less of your leaders and the troops. When that is violated use a big hammer. As for getting flak from some of the troops out there, female or otherwise, it is my opinion that they either have an agenda themselves or they over reacted to the stimulus. And there are some out there that just don't like testosterone... been there and seen it up close. Now if this doesn't get a reaction like a red star cluster in a wall locker nothing will. All the best to you and the Hubby on his B-Day. GEO6

Posted by: GreyEagleO6 at August 02, 2005 12:25 PM (WiKxR)

7 Great support group you have.. that should make you feel better. Let it be known though.. that people are entitled to their opinions and when you write your stuff on a public blog.. well.. You're gonna get some differing views now and again. If you felt that you had to defend your position and this was bothersome to you.. then perhaps you should just not defend it.. and ignore people who don't agree with you. There's no faster way to diffuse a disagreement.. then to not pay attention to it. With that being said.. I wish you the best of luck with your blog. It appears that you have a great network of readers who will go so far as to down other's opinions to uplift yours. It's human nature. I'll have them all know though.. that Grey Eagle is in fact an amazing woman. An amazing person.. and if she did get offended.. she had a right to. It is a matter of opinion.. Some of your statements were pretty harsh and generalized.. and it was easy to feel a little prickle. But that doesn't make her a bad person, or wrong.. and the same could be said for anyone else that disagrees with you. Not that you said either of those things. Take care.. and like your friends said.. write what you will at your own risk. People who don't agree with you.. will read.. comment and then move on to other blogs where they feel like their views are welcome.. not opposed. It's the nature of such things! Is it not? And with such bold statements as your own.. and strong opinions (both not bad things) you will face much heavier criticism in the future. Be prepared.. and be strong. Unless of course, Big Brother tells you to knock it off.. then go to plan B. Take care and best of luck to you all. Phoenix Out

Posted by: Army Girl at August 02, 2005 10:25 PM (puF94)

8 "With that being said.. I wish you the best of luck with your blog. It appears that you have a great network of readers who will go so far as to down other's opinions to uplift yours. It's human nature." I wanted to add to this.. that putting other opinions down is normal if it doesn't agree with you.. Personal attacks and name calling is what I was more referring to. Sorry about that. Phoenix Out

Posted by: Army Girl at August 02, 2005 10:28 PM (puF94)

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