June 15, 2004


So here's what I think about the new BDUs:

1. The boots are a great idea. No polishing. That means no more shoe polish on my bedspread, kitchen floors, recliner, and anywhere else my husband polishes. More comfortable boots is a definite improvement.

2. One uniform for both woodland and desert is also a good idea. We've spent quite a bit of money making sure he has enough of each, with everything sewn on all of them. Genius development.

3. Only summer weight -- good. Friendly fire refector -- good. Maximum comfort under the IBA -- excellent. Zippers instead of buttons -- smart. Pen and paper pocket -- cool.

4. Velcro-on name tapes and rank. Hallelujah, hallelujah. (See sewing disaster from 13 February.)

5. I see the soft cap. Are we getting rid of the goofy beret?

6. Centered rank. Gonna have to get used to that...took me a while to train myself to go to the right lapel instead of looking someone in the eye when we passed.

7. Getting rid of the branch insignia? I don't really like that one because I like to see where everyone's coming from. I'm nosy that way. But maybe my husband will get to wear the diamond for a little while before the uniforms change over.

Overall, as someone who will never actually wear the darn thing but who will spend a lot of time gazing lovingly at one who does, I approve.

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1 Zippers...in combat? Not sure about that one. Buttons don't make noise. Buttons don't fail. If they fall off, you can always find a way to make do until you get a new one. The digitized pattern is supposed to be far more difficult for night vision equipment to pick out. Sooner or later, everyone will have it.

Posted by: Mike at June 15, 2004 08:01 AM (cFRpq)

2 As an Infantryman/Ranger, I have to agree with Bunker. The best new uniform that is out, are the ones the Marines wear. But an officer in some cubical, that has not done any thing in the woods for some years needs something for his/her OER, so they come up with this.

Posted by: Birdie at June 15, 2004 10:57 AM (cOl+a)

3 Still, it's not green. That thing just seems to me like it will stick out like a sore thumb in Germany springs, summers, and fall. Winter, however, it will look good. I'm not a big fan of the velcro though. Velcro makes noise, but then again, if I'm reaching in a pocket when bad guys are about, I'm too stupid. My hands should be on my weapon, not fumbling about for spare change. (Everything I need for combat is outside the uniform anyway, so in one sense, this isn't so much a problem, but still) The only service insignia that needs to be on a uniform is crossed infantry rifles, to seperate the men from the playground monitors.

Posted by: Jason at June 15, 2004 12:34 PM (iE+3m)

4 I don't know about the zippers and velcro. Zippers get caught and unaligned. Velcro can get clogged with dirt and mud particles and become useless. Also, if velcro gets wet it isn't nearly as strong. I might sew some inconspicuous backup buttons on my field BDUs, maybe the snapping kind, hidden undernieth the flaps.

Posted by: Bob at July 01, 2004 03:24 PM (PjVmC)

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