March 26, 2004


The other day my mom called me laughing because her brother had just called her ready to blow a gasket while watching Kennedy on Meet the Press. Tanker pointed out something to me that I hadn't yet had time to post. Kennedy said:

Yeah, there would probably, probably. But I can tell you this: There would be a much greater participation of other countries around the world. This is laughable, this coalition. 85 percent of all the troops over there now are United
States troops, and 85 percent of the casualties--the casualties--are American troops. There's no reason that we can't have other troops from other nations participate and gradually free American troops from that responsibility. That would be the objective, and that would be the aim. I think that could be achievable.

Tanker then pointed out:

Multilateral, United Nations Authorized, France Approved,
Foreign Troops in the Korean War:

300,000 -- US
39,474 -- Foreign
339,474 -- Total

88% US

Australia 2,282
Belgium 900
Canada 6,146
Colombia 1,068
Ethiopia 1,271
France 1,119
Greece 1,263
Holland 819
Luxembourg 44
New Zealand 1,385
Philippines 1,496
South Africa 826
Thailand 1,204
Turkey 5,453
United Kingdom 14,198
United States 302,483

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1 What worries me most about Kerry's candidacy is that if elected, he will give Teddy the White House Kennedy couldn't get on his own.

Posted by: Mike at March 26, 2004 07:54 PM (00IUf)

2 Oh goodness. I hadn't even considered that Mike. I figure Clarke after his book and press time bashing Bush would get a spot. The thought of Kennedy being in there... Frightening. Thanks for the info you found Sarah. I guess politics boils down to finding the truth on our own. The press sure isn't helping this time around.

Posted by: Shannon at March 26, 2004 10:24 PM (B0qeI)

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