February 22, 2007


There's been sewing in the house today!


Usually I get sewing ideas and they drag out over years. I never get around to actually doing it. But my double pointed needles really were begging for a home, so I sat down and worked this puppy out. It's not perfect -- I probably should've chosen a color besides yellow, and I should've made it an inch or two wider -- but it will certainly do. Hooray for the opposite of procrastination!


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February 13, 2007


If you're the praying type, send one up for me today. I'm gonna need it when my husband gets home...

I went to the store intending to buy $3-worth of yarn for teddies. Instead I came home with this.


Welcome to Divorceville, population: me.


Still married. In fact, he didn't seem that fazed. And I don't have anything specific in mind to make with it; I just bought all the store had because it was 50% off. Ideas will come...bags can be felted...the yarn will find its purpose.

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