November 03, 2006


We're only living here temporarily, which means that I haven't got much of a social life. I don't have a single, actual, real-life human being friend here, unless you count the apartment complex staff. The only "conversation" I've had in the past five months has been the internet kind, which is bad because I've been living in a bubble. When you spend that much time in the internet community, you forget that we're such a small slice of the population.

I just caught the tail-end of a radio trivia gimmick, where a caller had to answer some questions. She had no idea who Dennis Hastert is, she couldn't provide a line from the "Star-Spangled Banner", and she didn't have the first guess what the Dow was fact, she thought "the Dow" was a new type of WMD. I am not kidding. It might've been funny if it weren't so stinking depressing.

So beware the internet bubble. And be glad half the country doesn't vote.

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1 I remember those days very, very well. They sucked. Too bad we've moved from KC to small town Pennsylvania or maybe we could meet up sometime. Since we don't go to church, I've found that new friends (off-line) as an adult are usually limited to co-workers. Any ideas on a way around that?

Posted by: Beth at November 03, 2006 07:46 AM (foc8x)

2 Hey, Beth, good to hear from you. I am currently not working, so I can't even meet people that way. And things aren't really "family friendly" in my husband's course, so there are no organized events (unlike when we were at Fort Knox, when there was a get-together every Friday evening.) Hopefully things look up when we move, but we'll see.

Posted by: Sarah at November 03, 2006 08:31 AM (7Wklx)

3 Yes, we've lived in places where I was so lonely I went to those Candle parties people would invite you to and you'd think it was because they liked you only to discover they want you to buy a Thirty dollar piece of wax. At least you have the internet! Awesome photo, btw.

Posted by: nancy French at November 03, 2006 09:02 AM (8i2KG)

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