February 23, 2010


We interrupt my boring posts about not having a baby yet to bring you this...

OK, Republicans, take a deep breath. Or at least I need to take a deep breath, before I slap you senseless.

Scott Brown? Really? Really?

Hey, Obama sucks because he wasn't vetted and he'd only been in government for five minutes. He just won because he was charismatic and had some good slogans during the campaign. Hey, I know, let's do the exact same thing on our side! Let's get behind the flavor of the month!

I don't even think it's possible to type the amount of sarcasm I want this post to be dripping with.

Maybe Scott Brown would make a fine president someday, I don't know. But not now. Are you people insane? Does the entire electorate just get distracted by something shiny and lose their everlovin' minds?

I can't help but feel lately that we're all as dumb as the people of Springfield. We're all set to spend our money wisely to fix potholes when the flashy monorail salesman promises us hope and change.

And then we just follow like lemmings right off the cliff.

Well, except we don't even have the fix-the-potholes plan.  42% of us have no idea who we'll support next.  It's a pretty barren field.

But not Scott Brown, for heaven's sake.  Just let's kill that idea right this instant.

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February 12, 2010


Dear MSN homepage,

You have an article up called Famous February Birthdays.  Above it, you have the completely forgettable actor who played a werewolf or something in the Twilight movies.

Shame on you.

February birthdays should be highlighted by Abraham Lincoln or George Washington.  Or Ronald Reagan.

Not some dufus no one will remember in five years.

Even more shameful, these three men are not even listed at all in the MSN famous February birthdays.  But of course Ted Kennedy was.  Plus Zsa Zsa Gabor and Jerry Springer.

MSN, you're ridiculous.  February competency FAIL.

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