May 26, 2004


Uh, wow.

I didn't think this article could get any weirder than Tim's introduction, but it sure does. Apparently there are women out there who think that a good way to get their politics across is to write it on their underpants and flash people.


The Eves are plotting a racy panty performance for Sept. 1 featuring 100 women dressed in white trench coats and their signature matching panties. "At 3 p.m.," the Axis Web site advertises, "Eves will perform a group flashing in order to create a media spectacle and send a political postcard: We will not tolerate lies and cover-ups!"

This cannot be for real. There cannot be people in this world who honestly think that political discourse written on your underwear is a form of activism. Surely they can't take themselves seriously. Right?

Tasha, who is 33, was presiding over a late-night panty powwow with Zazel and Elizabeth. As Elizabeth perched on Tasha's couch, Zazel sprawled on the floor in a cream-colored body suit and lavender "Lick Bush" thong. "I think sometimes verbal discourse is insufficient as a mode of expression," Tasha said, as if she were delivering a lecture for her fellowship at a prominent New York university. "There's something raw and wonderful and gratifying about the more gestural expression of the flash. By putting on these bold, outrageous displays, we want to inspire others to also be bold."

You are doing absolutely nothing for the state of world affairs by exposing anti-Bush underpants. Grow up, you weirdos.

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1 I'd be all for them if the majority looked good in their underwear. But I'm just a dirty old man.

Posted by: Mike at May 26, 2004 05:44 PM (NZ4lg)

2 I'd be more impressed if they just got naked and spelled out words on the ground, oh, wait, they already did that. I still can't remember the group that did it, or what particular cause they did it for, but I do remember alot of them shouldn't have been displaying themselves naked. Sadly, this will turn out no different, if they are remembered for flashing their underwear, that is all they'll be remembered for.

Posted by: John at May 27, 2004 03:19 AM (crTpS)

3 If they're "remembered" at all. But that's never the point of these exercises. The point is short-term self-gratification. Doesn't it feel good to "rebel" against a regime soooo "evil" that it won't *kill* them? Doesn't the name "Elizabeth" seem out of place among Tashas and Zazels (Zazel!?)? Get with the program!

Posted by: Amritas at May 27, 2004 06:17 AM (T3vP+)

4 Oops, I meant to put the asterisks around "won't," not "kill." No, I don't think dissenters should be killed. Ever. Disagreement does not entail death. But does exhibitionism qualify as dissent? Barely (oops, no pun intended!).

Posted by: Amritas at May 27, 2004 06:19 AM (T3vP+)

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