July 19, 2009


I've been thinking about guns this morning.

Ever since we started trying for a baby, I have tried to figure out what I think we should do about our guns and teaching our child gun safety. So I read the post Guns, sons & the good old days of parenting and its comments with interest. I think I agree with many commenters that it comes down to respect: children need to learn respect for the power of guns and respect for the authority of adults.

I also found a clip at Gateway Pundit about a car dealership that's giving away AK-47s with truck purchases. Can you hear the condescending sneering from the reporter? I love how she says that people might be offended to hear the dealership equate God and guns. Really? Which people exactly? The gun people or the God people? I generally find those two groups overlap. Especially the ones who are looking to buy a truck in small-town Missouri.

Ah, liberal condescension...make sure to ask him if he thinks Jesus would approve of AK-47s (I literally rolled my eyes as I typed that, heh.)

Both links via Instapundit.

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Both Hubs and I grew up in a house where guns were the norm.  He learned how to use guns safely.  My sister and I knew where the guns were, knew we were never to touch them and knew if we did, we'd suffer some pretty serious consequences.  We never, ever did.  In fact, my sister is a state trooper and while in the academy she perspired through a bullet-proof vest while learning to take her gun apart and put it back together because we NEVER touched them.  Ever.

When the parents respect the power and rules regarding firearms, it sets a good example for children.  It's the same with driving, drinking and other things. 

We never even pointed toy guns at anything--the rule at our house, "never point a firearm at anything you don't want to kill."  Good enough.

Posted by: Guard Wife at July 19, 2009 08:56 AM (M+hWl)

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