November 17, 2006


CaliValleyGenius has a post up about taxes.

I've written so many times here about fraud, waste, and abuse. I can think of dozens of examples in my own life of how the government wastes money in the military community. And if they're wasting it in the few places I've been, I can't stand to think how much waste there really is.

I've got one word to sum up fraud, waste, and abuse: Pearl.

Pearl was our education counselor in Germany. She was brought out of retirement to fill the position. She gave soldiers so much wrong advice that it makes me ill, she couldn't write a grammatical sentence to save her life, and she constantly brought me her work and asked for help because she didn't understand. I made $8.50 an hour; she made over $60,000 a year.

And if there's one Pearl, there are surely plenty of others.

The government doesn't spend money wisely, and there aren't many checkups once it's spent to make sure they're getting bang for their buck. I don't want the government to have a dime more than they need.

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1 Hi Sarah! Thanks for commenting on the taxes post. Your blog is fantastic! I can see I'll be a daily reader from here on out. Have a good day today!

Posted by: KC at November 17, 2006 10:40 AM (TSy2I)

2 Oh man, don't even get me started on Pearl. She surely has to be the biggest waste of the Army's money. Ever. (although I've seen some pretty awful waste and fraud in the Army.)

Posted by: Erin at November 26, 2006 05:39 AM (D8Fkq)

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