December 30, 2007


The other day, AWTM and I did indeed start talking about Jim Gaffigan. It was a good way to break the mood when we both got riled up talking about anti-Mormon bias. I made an offhanded comment about people not voting for Romney because of his underpants, which brought us to a serious discussion of temple garments and how offensive it is that people make a mockery of this religious tradition. Is it OK to mock someone for wearing a yamulke? Our Hindu friend from college wears the sacred thread; is that fair game? Or are we really so immature as a society that we have to snicker because we're talking about underwear? I don't get it. My husband insists that people get away with anti-Mormon bigotry because Mormons are "white." He's probably right: Sikhs have special underwear too, but you never hear anyone mocking Sikhs as being religious weirdos.

Sigh. Off the soapbox again...

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1 All if the aforementioned stuff is one of a myriad reasons I find organized religion to be quite nonsensical. I stopped believing I suppose about the time my older sister passed away just before X-Mas 1961, and the only thing the religious had to offer to me in way of explanation was: "It is God's Will". Try wrapping your developing mind (I was two months shy of four) around that concept, and see if as you age and study it and even go through a "born-again" phase if you don't conclude that religion is, as Dave Foley put it in a throw away line on "Real Time", and I quote: "A gateway psychosis". So frankly I could not give a rat's ass as to any candidates position vis-a-vis his or her religion, and find the religious fervor of a few of these buffoons to be extremely disconcerting. In summation: "All religion is Bullshit" Apologies to anyone offended by my opinions, but they are only my opinions, and hey I could be wrong.

Posted by: Bubba Bo Bob Brain at December 30, 2007 10:06 AM (AKSWt)

2 I have to admit that I have an innate curiousity about the Mormon "garmies" myself. Not out of perversion or some belief that my Catholicism is better (for goodness sake, we are supposed to wear a scapular next to our skin), but just because it is something different. I don't wonder about the Sikh undergarments, because if someone is religious enough to wear the turban, the knife, and the bracelet, it's probably an easy leap to assume they are wearing the undies, too. Someone's undies have no bearing on my vote, however, anymore than their choice in shoes does. I do think the fact that Romney isn't bad to look at has something to do with the manties controversy. You don't see anyone wondering about Hillary's Hanes. *shudder*

Posted by: airforcewife at December 30, 2007 02:45 PM (mIbWn)

3 How funny. As a "g" (not to be confused with g-string) wearing Mormon, the garment issue isn't that big of a deal. It doesn't bother me when friends ask odd questions about 'em. It has been really interesting to follow the election stuff - most of the time the mormon issue doesn't bother me, but sometimes.... Go Mitt!

Posted by: wendy at January 01, 2008 06:32 PM (56tHP)

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