May 14, 2004


When I read these accounts of how mad Americans are getting, I started thinking about how Nick Berg might not have died in vain.

Perhaps Nick is our era's Pearl Harbor.

Nick's family is extremely distraught (understandable) but blaming his death on the Bush administration (doesn't compute). I started thinking about what I would say if it had been my husband, if my husband were Nick Berg.

I would urge every American to watch the video. If I had to watch someone rip my husband's head off, then everyone should. I would tell Americans that the people who did this commit these sorts of acts every day and that it is our way of life that they hate. That they will never stop until we're all dead or enslaved, as Amritas reminded me. I would tell the public that the only way this will end is if we kill them before they kill us. I would urge Americans to remain steadfast in their resolve and to support our military and administration as they bring not only those five masked men but all terrorists to justice.

Perhaps the legacy Nick Berg's death will leave is that it will be the straw that broke the American camel's back. September 11 was supposed to be that straw, but we all tucked our American flags away shortly thereafter and went back to regular life. Those burned bodies hanging from the bridge in Fallujah were also supposed to be a straw, but somehow they only elicited a "screw 'em". Perhaps now, in light of the attention the media has paid to Abu Ghraib, the sleeping giant will awake as Americans start to notice that, as an Instapundit reader quoted, "Why is it that the media can show over and over again pictures that could make Arabs hate Americans, but refuse to show pictures that could make Americans hate Arabs?"

Nick Berg will not have died in vain if his death strengthens our resolve to win this damn war on terror.


But after reading this post and all the comments at One Hand Clapping, I start to get nervous that there's a line that, once we cross it, we can never go back. I haven't get decided how I feel about that, but I'll write about it when I grok it.

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1 Thank you very much for this post. It helped me to put together some of my own thoughts, which I posted on an international forum where I am active.

Posted by: NightHawk at May 14, 2004 09:20 AM (5GWma)

2 I surely understand the reluctance to "cross that line", but love and patience and understanding are never, ever gonna get us anywhere with this culture. So far we have prosecuted this war with amazing restraint and civility. As the atrocities mount, that restraint and civility should melt away, it must melt away; and be replaced by a grim determination to do anything and everything necessary to defeat these evil, evil people. I know that the demonization of our enemies in WWII helped keep support high at home during that war. This particular enemy doesn't need alot of help in that regard. Unfortunately for America, they are receiving most of their help from our own media.

Posted by: rick at May 14, 2004 03:49 PM (oA/Vb)

Posted by: cheese at June 05, 2004 06:21 PM (QnfZN)

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