August 28, 2005


I honestly thought that nothing the PC crowd could do would shock me anymore.

I was wrong.

Millions of Lutherans will be able to sing a new song -- actually some 300 new songs -- to the Lord in an updated worship book that offers more options for contemporary worship and less emphasis on exclusively masculine images of God. [emphasis mine]


Denise Leslie, a delegate from Hope Lutheran Church in Cleveland Heights, said using language for God that includes women is important because "when you hear gender-neutral, things suddenly become more clear and comfortable."

Ho.Ly.Crap. Church has gone politically correct.

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1 Where have you been, Sarah? It's been going on for at least three decades! There was actually an attempt to promote a female version of the Redeemer, named -- wait for it -- Christa, to assuage the inflamed sensibilities of the gender-war feminists. Some Protestant denominations bought into it, too, though I believe they all backed away when their attendance figures went to zero.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at August 28, 2005 02:40 PM (PzL/5)

2 The usial pacifis 70s peace nik nonsenses they dont like songs like ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDER or GOD REST YE MERRY GENLEMEN or anything like that becuase it upsets their whimp little notions of living in their dumb strawberry feilds or romping naked through the wood with wild critters what kind of rediclous PC crap is this?

Posted by: spurwing plover at August 28, 2005 03:33 PM (S97cI)

3 Yes, we have a perfectly manly God who always acts in a purely manly way. For man was made in the image of God, but women made of man. Considering how men act. I assume that our manly God watches football in a manly way as He sits without crossing His legs on his throne in heaven, and looks after us by telling GWB just what to do. While apparently there is this weird idea theologians have about perfect things being eternal and that eternal stuff isn't in space or time, if that were true, He wouldn't really be able to talk to GWB. So God can't really be eternal, and so God can move. And if he moves, I bet he does it in style, driven around by Angels in a Heavenly Hummer Limo, with a sunroof, but where his light shines out instead of in. I'm not sure if God eats or drinks. Do perfect beings need to eat - why would they? Just for fun? If so, does God pee? While I am not so sure if there are cows in heaven, if He were to eat, He would eat steak like real men, and if He did drink, He would drink Coors Lite. Maybe since He is God, He can just makes steaks and beers out of nothing, and eat them but have them just kind of turn back into nothing, or something. While those mamby-pamby theologians go imagining that God is some eternal perfect being which is transcendent of space and time, some kind of pure creative luminosity that is the cause of all and the goal of all, perfect and complete, and beyond all imperfection and change, and thus is not material and has no bodily form, we know He must have a gender. After all we call Him 'Him.' So if He is a He, in the sense that He would have a gender, and thereby those P.C. theologians who might suggest He has no gender are just talking out of their ass - we know better than them. We all know that God has that penis than which there can be no greater.

Posted by: Mr. Silly at August 28, 2005 04:17 PM (lq5rN)

4 Thank God!

Posted by: madtom at August 28, 2005 04:39 PM (5v9nJ)

5 Perhaps it is time to recognize who religion serves? It serves the altruistic collective at the expense of individual rights. Lutherans, are they any different from any other religion? I think not. They like the rest need some Imam to intercede between the individual an his/her God.

Posted by: NOTR at August 29, 2005 01:21 AM (izx0t)

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