April 11, 2009


I had to work this afternoon demonstrating another science kit. This one was aimed for four year olds, so it was pretty basic. But the kids seemed to have fun.

I thought of this recent Joanne Jacobs' post (via Amritas) while I was there. I was looking over the other science kits on display, and the one for the kids aged 8+ had a warning label: "This set contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused." On the back of the box was the list of contents: gelatin, sugar, baking yeast, and food coloring.

Now I freely admit that chemistry was my weakest subject in school, but I'm having a hard time figuring out a combination of those contents that could be harmful. Am I missing something? Or is this an example of warning labels gone wild?

It's a far cry from the 1950's kit with uranium and a geiger counter!

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1 Anything is harmful in the hands of MacGyver! But MacGruber would be blown up before he could do anything with that kit.

Posted by: Amritas at April 11, 2009 08:06 PM (Wxe3L)

2 Hmmm... I guess if my kids spilled the dye & stained my carpet, I might harm them. If you have gluten sensitivity, maybe the yeast could make you feel bloated? Sugar...well, that's just the DEVIL, right!? I'd be interested in knowing what combination of those things would be harmful. I guess the key is 'misused' but I have trouble envisioning that too!

Posted by: Guard Wife at April 12, 2009 02:16 AM (TWet1)

3 GW (not Bush!), I think we always used Paas kits in the kitchen which had a tile floor to avoid staining the carpet. I might harm them Sounds like you need a warning label! That's what T-shirts are for ...

Posted by: Amritas at April 12, 2009 10:29 AM (Wxe3L)

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