June 17, 2006


Ann Althouse posts about a high school with 41 valedictorians. Apparently that school rewards everyone with a GPA over 4.0, regardless of rank. That sucks. I thought my school's system was fair: 4.0 was the highest GPA you could get, but there was an entirely different ranking system for weighted courses. Thus someone who took all "basic" classes and got straight A's would receive a 4.0 but would not be anywhere near the top of the class; someone who took all "advanced" classes and got one B would be salutatorian, and those who took all advanced classes with all A's would be valedictorian. We had 8 valedictorians and 2 salutatorians. (Or was it 7 and 3? See how important it turned out to be?) Among the top 8, we all knew who really deserved honors. I went to high school with people who did relativistic physics for fun and calculus in their sleep. There were also valedictorians who simply knew How School Worked and did what it took to get the necessary A's. It's a shame there was no way to really distinguish between the geniuses and the rest of us folks, but I suppose what they've done after high school is the real proof of their smarts.

Incidentally, several of us got together once when we were graduating from college and compared when we had finally broken our 4.0s. One friend was bummed that he was the first to lose it, but we had to remind him that getting one B at Princeton was nothing to be bummed about!

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1 Out of curiosity, did you ever take the ASVAB? My oldest daughter just did and I'm proud to say she beat me by a good margin in all categories except one. R1

Posted by: Randy at June 17, 2006 03:01 PM (0l2IA)

2 You know, I did take it, but I have no memory of my score. I've always wondered if it's still on record somewhere or if my mom has my score somewhere in the basement!

Posted by: Sarah at June 18, 2006 02:18 AM (YL5y0)

3 I remember taking that test just for the chance of getting out of an afternoon of classes. Imagine my surprise when every service recruiter in the area started calling with offers of some pretty "neat" positions. I'd have to say that my best offer came from the Navy with an offer of going to nuclear power school. (Yeah, like I was going to enjoy riding around in a tin can hundreds of feet below the surface!) I politely told them all that I was waiting for word from West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy before making any decisions...glad I did! See you on the high ground! MajorDad1984

Posted by: MajorDad1984 at June 28, 2006 02:09 AM (j7S/Q)

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