October 20, 2008


Some Soldier's Mom left a comment at AWTM, and this part caught my eye:

... and you just want to ask Barrack Obama, "Since when did it become acceptable in America to punish hard working people by taking their money and giving it to others because you think that's "fairer"? and that you can't imagine how he justifies giving tax "refunds" to people who don't even pay taxes! You see this as taking your "A" grades in school and giving them to people who got lower grades to make it "fairer".

Did I ever tell you that this is exactly what happened to me in France? I took a literature class, and we had some paper to write. After they were all turned in, the teacher reprimanded the class for missing the point of the paper. She explained what a good paper would've looked like. I felt pretty sure that what I had written was close to what she was looking for, so I was in the catbird seat. But then she laid this kicker on us: She had decided to go ahead and average all the grades and give us the average. I ended up with a C.

I wish I were making that story up. Or I wish it had been like a trick on the teacher's part, a way to teach us a lesson. Nope. It was real and the grade stuck.

I had done the assignment correctly and I got a C. Someone else who had turned in an F was feeling pretty awesome at this point.

I don't see how that's even remotely fair.

And Some Soldier's Mom is right that it's a good analogy for the taxes.

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1 However would someone get the idea that Sarah or the people who comment on her site are idle rich with big inheritances? Do I come off like that? How funny. I WISH I had inherited some money instead of a MIL that sucks my bank account dry! And how is taking money someone didn't earn through the government any different from inheriting money one didn't earn? Except, you know, for the will of the person who actually DID earn the money. If that matters to anyone. And it does matter to me - it's kind of the difference between "gift" and "theft". I still think Obama's tax plan sucks donkey ass. I want to earn my own way, not steal it from someone else.

Posted by: airforcewife at October 20, 2008 06:27 PM (mIbWn)

2 "Does anyone really believe that a teacher/business owner/tradesman/police officer/paramedic, (or any number of other similarly paid jobs) are working less hard then some million dollar a year earning CEO or 'investor'..." - Will Well, ideally, yes. No, it doesn't always work that way, and yes, some ridiculous CEOs ruin their companies and walk away with "golden parachutes", but ideally, those people who make millions of dollars running large companies make that kind of money because they know how to make their business make that kind of money. I don't make that kind of money, but I'm pretty sure that at least a few of our company partners make some pretty hefty salaries, at least in comparison to mine, but let me tell you; they earn it. If I had their skills, and put in the kind of effort they do, I would expect to make a pretty decent wage, too. And in the business I work in, these guys and gals mostly work on commission. So yeah, it's hard work. As far as teachers or police officers or whatever "not working as hard", no; I don't believe that. My mom is a teacher. She works her tail off. But she didn't decide to teach for the money. She decided to go into teaching for many reasons, but she didn't go into teaching to get rich. If she wanted to get rich, she would have done something else. Police officers don't join the force in order to get rich; they do it to protect people, to serve their community, or because their dad did it. No one is stopping them from getting an MBA and becoming a business executive. No one but themselves, based upon the things they think are important. I firmly believe that in this country you can do anything - anything at all - if you put your mind to it and work hard enough for it. Even if you start out with nothing but a pocket full of change, given time you can do anything you want. Now, as for the fact that some people are less capable than others in general? Well, if that's the case, should it be expected that people who are less capable or less willing to make the required sacrifices to gain the skills/knowledge required, that they should be able to obtain the same benefits at far less cost than those who are capable and willing and have worked their darndest to earn them? *sigh*. Looters.

Posted by: Emily at October 21, 2008 07:08 AM (jAos7)

3 What business is it of yours or the flipping government's WHAT that rich "jerk" spends his money on? It's his money. Meaning he EARNED it. It does not belong to the federal government. If he wants to buy a 3rd yacht,so WHAT! I am pretty sure that good old Will makes some purchases I would not approve of. Do I get a say? Do I get to stand at the cash register and say "Nope! Nope! Nope! Caffeine is EVIL Will! We need to take that money and give it to the government and let them spend it on WORTHWHILE things." If I did that,he'd be outraged. I'd be infringing on his freedoms. It's always okay when it's the "Other Guy",huh? Sheeeeeesh..

Posted by: MaryIndiana at October 21, 2008 08:06 AM (SRyvm)

4 Will, honestly. Did you read what you wrote before you posted it? If a person earns money, it's because someone is willing to pay for whatever it is he/she is willing to do. Fortunately for those of us who have no interest in running a huge corporation, there are those who do it and do it well. Otherwise, all the money people invest in their retirement accounts (which are funded via some of these large companies) wouldn't grow nearly large enough to be of any use. It is NOT the place of the government to force citizens to give up money they have rightfully earned only to turn around and give it to someone who has NOT earned it. Period. I could do a helluva lot more good in my community if the politicians in my state and in D.C. would get their grubby mitts off the money I make. I'm a charitable gal, Will, ask anyone. It's hard for me to be that way when I have to work until May or June to pay my tax bill. THAT'S ridiculous, Will. Just as I don't want anyone telling me what to do with my money, I don't pretend to have the authority or right to tell a wealthy person just exactly how many yachts are enough...because there are a LOT of people who make their money via that one boat purchase.

Posted by: Guard Wife at October 21, 2008 08:17 AM (eb8pN)

5 Thank you for all of your feedback. I'm not sure how regular, decent conservative folk get suckered into believing that the richest .05% aren't waging war against them, but your acceptance of the status quo is mind boggling. This isn't 1950s America, this is corporate America. This is feudal lords and their plebs America. It's OKAY to realize that the system has failed, and that we need checks against looters who, using their great power, are actively stealing and consolidating wealth for a very small minority. Honestly, I don't think giving a few tax cuts to the middle class is actually the solution. We need a whole overall of the beast- this system of corporatism, where independent entrepreneurs and business owners are squashed by powerful mega-giants. Okay, enough rhetoric. Here's my solution. Only allow a business owner to own a business in his or her city/region of residence. No national franchises. A return community and the ideal form of capitalism, where businesses and the people that support them and work for them have a beneficial relationship.. Or, go support Walmart and the end of everything... whatver.

Posted by: Will at October 24, 2008 05:39 PM (FE/9Y)

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