November 23, 2009


Via Instapundit, who says, "A rule under which only politicians have guns strikes me as the worst of all possible worlds."

Chicago politicians are zealously committed to gun control in law but fairly relaxed about it in practice.

In 1994, State Sen. Rickey Hendon had an unregistered handgun stolen from his home in a burglary, and he didn't feign contrition about his disregard of the ordinance.

"I have a right to protect myself," he declared, noting that he had been burglarized before—and forgetting that the state legislature of which he is a member allows Illinois cities to deprive their citizens of that right. Asked if he would replace the lost piece, Hendon said, "No comment." The police were kind enough not to charge him.

U.S. Sen. Roland Burris, another Chicagoan, has endorsed a nationwide ban on handguns and, in 1993, organized Chicago's first Gun Turn-in Day. But the following year, while running unsuccessfully for governor, he admitted he owned a handgun—"for protection," he explained—and hadn't seen fit to turn it in along with those other firearms. Lesser mortals apparently can protect themselves with forks and spoons.

So they write gun laws for the peons and have no intention of following the laws themselves.  Politicians are a real piece of work.

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1 But... But... But...


Posted by: airforcewife at November 23, 2009 09:44 PM (uE3SA)

2 AFW, once again we agree! We are DIFFERENT. We are dominant!

In a perfect world that will be achieved through liberalism real soon now, there will be no more guns.

But in this imperfect world, Congresspersyns of the One Party are under perpetual threat from Republikulaks. Those who defend the masses' birthright to handouts must also have the right to defend themselves from those who don't believe in freebies. If the Rightist fanatics go rogue and harm our health care heroes, they'll never be able to pass the greatest bill in Omerican history - which of course won't affect them:

One of the most outrageous parts of Obamacare is that government employees, politicians, and union employees are EXEMPT from it and will continue to get their golden benefit packages. The GOP should have a good ad out on this and be running it 1000 times a day on TV. If there is anything people hate, it’s being told they are “less worthy” than others.

Posted by: kevin at November 24, 2009 02:31 AM (ogTuw)

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