May 03, 2008



Mothers-to-be who skip breakfast and eat less are more likely to give birth to girls, while moms who consume more calories and a wider range of nutrients — including, specifically, those from breakfast cereal — are more likely to deliver sons.

Wait wait wait. If we want a boy, I have to eat more? Done and done. And I eat breakfast cereal every single day. Sweet, we're golden.

Yeah, um, Tessa brings up the logical question here: Don't males carry the deciding chromosomes? Still, it's an interesting correlation. And if I were any good at conceiving at all, I would give it a try, but we're just gonna have to take what we can get.

Now excuse me while I go eat my breakfast cereal.

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1 You know, that is funny. When I was pregnant with my son, I ate more cereal than I probably ever had before. But, I ate it as an evening snack - literally almost every single night! I probably haven't eaten that much cereal in the past 5 yrs since he was born either....odd.

Posted by: Vypergirl at May 03, 2008 04:18 AM (qe77L)

2 The males carry the deciding chromosome, but the different hormones present in the woman's body make certain genders more likely to "stick". For instance, X and Y sperm swim at different speeds, thus, depending on the exact time in a woman's fertility cycle that she gets knocked up, the acidity level of the vagina combined with the distance to the egg (how far it has gotten in its journey) and a few other factors influence whether one is more likely to have a boy than a girl - early in the cycle pregnancies tend more often to be girls, and late in the cycle pregnancies tend more often to be boys. In fact, they have done studies documenting that Orthodox Jews have a much greater tendency towards delivering boys because of the religious restrictions placed on when during the cycle a woman and man may have sex. There's a whole bunch more to it, and even more little bodily quirks and oddities - but it makes sense that what you eat would affect which gender is more likely to "stick" during a pregnancy, since it affects your entire body chemistry. //sorry - something I had to learn a lot about of necessity...

Posted by: airforcewife at May 03, 2008 04:25 AM (mIbWn)

3 The study isn't about conceiving a male fetus, it's about carrying it to term. Gender at conception is, of course, determined by the sperm cell. But higher blood sugar (not too high, of course) and a few other factors, mean the male fetus is more likely to survive and be born. It's as simple as that.

Posted by: Gus at May 03, 2008 06:53 AM (3UseY)

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