January 04, 2010


Think the government doesn't think it owns you?  That it needs its hand in everything?  That it needs to be the middle man in every transaction?

Washington D.C. is suing AT&T for the amount of money leftover when DC residents don't use all the balance on their prepaid calling cards.

The government thinks it owns whatever minutes you don't use when you buy a calling card from a private company.

But hey, whatever, at least we "retain the right to keep and bear arms"...

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1 Yep...just like the new penalties for flights delayed and sitting on the tarmac for a certain period of time: it won't be paid to the people sitting on the plane for their inconvenience...nope, it will be paid directly to the government.

Posted by: calivalleygirl at January 04, 2010 11:58 AM (3ICA/)

2 No comment just letting out a big heavy sigh and shaking my head. 

Posted by: MaryIndiana at January 04, 2010 12:31 PM (ieVn9)

3 But hey, whatever, at least we "retain the right to keep and bear arms"...

For now. That article brings up a good point. A little freedom is a big distraction. There was and is no conspiracy to control us. But why control trivia when real power lies elsewhere?

That article was written in 1997, but it's still relevant today. I couldn't help but think of the current crisis when I read this line:

But in a time of great crisis called the Great Economic Downturn, the people and their leaders clamored for "national solutions to national problems"

And if you think this is bad -

Now the people had the pleasure of being governed by not one, but two beneficent governments with two sets of laws regulating the same things.

- wait until that third 'beneficent' government, the UN, enters the picture (via Diana West).

Posted by: Amritas at January 04, 2010 02:48 PM (cs8bo)


Here's another tragic example of why we should keep government THE HECK OUT of our individual decisions.

Er, excuse me... I  mean THE HELL OUT.  That's really the accurate term for where their nosy, power-mongering, manipulative, evil designs belong.

Posted by: Krista at January 05, 2010 05:42 PM (sUTgZ)

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