October 30, 2010


I barely follow politics lately and try not to let it work me up anymore because I can't waste energy right now being depressed about the direction of our country, but this open letter to Rush at Hillbuzz (via Amritas) got me all pumped up on dorkosterone.

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1 Thanks for posting the link. I got it from James Hudnall.

Having done a 180 myself, I know where Kevin DuJan is coming from, though my party didn't betray me. (I used to think the Democratic Party was too conservative!)

I'll admit it: I wanted Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination. A third Clinton term would be preferable to one term of the One.

I've known a number of converts - libertarians, centrists, and conservatives who voted for Obama - but I've never read an article explaining the PUMA perspective. DuJan's allegations are shocking. I would like to see a response from the other side.

Exit polls showed 8 million PUMA voted Republican for the first time in our lives in the fall of 2008

How many PUMA will vote Republican for the first time in their lives on Teasday?

Record numbers or not, the battle will be long:

Just like with the Leftists Carter infected the Democrat Party with, Obama legacy hires will be in the DNC for a generation to come…and it might not be until the 2030s before the Democrats can remove the taint Obama and his Leftist agenda have put on the party.

Posted by: Amritas at November 01, 2010 12:21 PM (5a7nS)

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